Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Dead Zone


Welcome to the dead zone!

This section of our store was dedicated
to the dead.

The funeral signs I created.

Coffins and crosses.

A local artist made these metal trees on rocks.
They reminded me of a cemetary,
so I placed a few here.

The few crosses I left will be
re-purposed for Christmas
in our Nativity area.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Ours has been a chilly one outside,
but warm inside with lots of visitors
purchasing more Halloween goodies.
Am so grateful to those who support small business.
We do not have the buying power like 
Hobby Lobby,
however I was able to find items
most unusual for our store...
and our customers love it!

Dead Zone Blessings To All!


  1. Supporting small local business - yay! Also, unusual will keep the customers coming back. I think people are growing tired of the same old at every other chain store. Good luck with the busy holiday buying season.

  2. You do have wonderful items in your shop!

  3. We have small businesses in our downtown area and I think many try to support them. It's hard for small business to compete with the big guns but your place has many unusual and cute items to please a diverse group of folks! Good job! Love all the Halloween and I'm sure Christmas will also be a delight.

  4. Oooo....I would never tire of looking at your Halloween offerings!!! I've been loving each and every thing I see. This time the one that make my heart wiggle is the picture above the "Dead End" sign. Looks so vintage and like something right up my (dead end) alley LOL!!! Wishing you a beautiful new week ahead ~Robin~

  5. I love your items! So unique. I went thru a Hobby Lobby and was actually I like your kind of shop better. 😊 Kit


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