Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October CupboardScape


The Witches Be A Flying.

Hello my friends.
Well today brings my October CupboardScape,
and my only Halloween display for the season
in our home.
The paper mache cat is a new one 
we sold at our store.
(I kept one, so don't tell Bob)

I also kept one of these dried henbanes.
Also from our store.
Also don't tell Bob. LOL

Yaya this one is for you.
Also from our store. LOL

Plus this toad....

and flying witch.
of course all from our store.
I will return some of this back.

Cordelia rounds out the witches.

My wicked pillow tuck.

Finally this awesome stitchery
given to me by my wonderful blog friend,
Winnie from Florida.
If I see more witches fly into 
my display, I will know where they came from,
as Winnie told me hers are threatening to 
come up here for a visit.

My little group.

That does it for my Halloween.
I had so many plans for
decorating at the house.
Not enough time with the gift shop now.
Alas same probably true for Christmas.

Coven Blessings To All!


  1. just wonderful! Happy Halloween

  2. Can't blame you for keeping one of those paper mache cats, it is cute!!! Love that witch's sign and the handmade witch...heck, I like all your Halloween decorations.

  3. Your home looks great! It doesn't have to cover every inch -- you can see what you've done so beautifully when you are tastefully less -- like what you did. I would have kept that cat, too!

  4. Oh how I love everything!! Especially the stitchery. 🎃 Kit

  5.'re teasing me with that cat lantern, aren't you LOL?? Fun everything about it....and that toad!!! What a sweet gift from Winnie!! She is so very dear. Unfortunately, I have never been able to respond to her kind comments since she comes up as a no-reply blogger for me. I am seriously interested in working out a "weather swap" with her LOL. ~Robin~

  6. Love the cat! Sometimes less is best. Love all of your decor. hugs, Lecia


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