Friday, June 19, 2020

June CupboardScape

Good evening friends!
I forgot to post this morning.

I took the day off to take Bob
to the tire store.
He needs tires on our cargo van badly.
Afterwards, I think I am working the gift store.
(I did)
so Bob can redo the kitties catio.
It needs a remodel. :-)
(he did not) LOL
It was too hot, so he joined me at the store.

For June's CupboardScape I thought
long and hard.
What can I put together.

I finally decided.


Big and small.

Baby one and junior ones.

Of course ladies ones.

Another black ladies one.


Bob says I have enough shoes.

I may have to think about that.....

In other news,
we heard that a protest will be taking place
in our small town on Saturday.
I am worried.
If this does take place, they will
be going past our stores.
The road will be blocked off....
which means no customers.
I am all for protesting.
Everyone has the right,
however we need customers to survive.
That is my right too.

Summer Blessings To All!


  1. I collect baby shoes. I just love them. Of course there was a time when I had many shoes of my own. Now I have broken down feet ankles and it's hard to find comfy shoes. Wishing you luck with sales. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The shoes are interesting. Makes me wonder about the folks who wore them and the places they traveled! Good luck with the store and protesters. Hopefully all will be peaceful and over quick so you can open and sell lots of things!

    1. Yes I have often wondered who wore the ones I have. The protest was a peaceful one. Janice

  3. well, maybe the people protesting will go by your store, and they might not stop in that day -- but I bet they'll come back!

    1. THe protest parade was not long at all and was very peaceful. So thankful. Janice

  4. I hope the protest if peaceful. In our small town - well the bigger one closer to us - it was. Times are crazy.

    1. Yes it was peaceful and not as big as we thought. Janice

  5. We’ve had only peaceful protests which we’ve participated in as well. I cannot imagine the years of injustices minorities endure. So good to hear the voices in our communities. May your store reap loads of sales before and after the protest.

    1. Sales were good over the weekend and the protect was peaceful. Janice

  6. I have a bowl full of baby shoes, but not nearly as many as you nor do I have any ladies shoes.
    I hope the protests do not affect your business today.

  7. Love me shoes of any kind.... And tell Bob that any smart man knows a woman can NEVER have enough shoes...especially old ones. ;-) Obviously he hasn't seen my house LOL. Hope things went well with the protests. ~Robin~

  8. I do not have any old shoes like that but they are pretty wonderful. I hope all is well in town with your store.

  9. Your old show/boots collection is interesting. I hope that the protest will be peaceful and well behaved. I would worry also if I was you. Hopefully no harm will come to your store. It is too bad there is so much unrest in the country.

    Stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. Girl... I feel ya with the protest fears. Hope it was peaceful and short! I love your shoe collection... just imagine where they have all traveled!


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