Friday, January 18, 2019

Let It Snow


So whilst I reveal my Christmas tree
turned into a Winter tree,
I have yet another story to tell.

Before I tell it though,
I wanted to let you know that this tree
was where I once again
used paper ornament, 
along with snowflakes and my bonnets. 

Now for the story.

In the rural county where my grandparents
lived there were iron bridges that were in place
to cross the Black River as it meandered through 
the county.

These bridges consisted
of long boards on each side,
enough board for one car
 to go over at a time.
Now you had to get you car tires
exactly on these boards
to drive over, else you were in trouble.
Big trouble.
Even I had to drive over them
before they were replaced...
and they were not fun.

Today's story happened in the 1940's.
My dad was born in 1929, 
so he was almost a teen.

 Grampa H finally purchased his first car.
No more horse and buggy for him...
or sleigh in the Winter.

One Winter day he decided to take his family
out for a drive and gramma
wanted to add some grave blankets
at the cemetery for her parents.

The cemetery was past the river
in a grove of trees.
Grampa took it slow and eased up to the bridge,
making sure the tires were on the boards.
The cemetery bridge was on a hill,
so grampa had to rev the engine
 a bit to cross over.
The family spent some time at the cemetery,
and once they were ready to go,
the temperature dropped & it began to snow.

Once again grampa approached
 the bridge slowly,
however this time he was going downhill.
Now you know what they say about bridges.
For those who don't live in the Snowbelt,
bridges ice up before the road does.
This was the case this time.
Grampa was halfway on that bridge
when the car hit the ice and there they were
sideways on that bridge.
Grampa managed to get out of the car
and told gramma to stay with the kids.
My dad said that was the scariest moment
in his life before going to the Korean War

Grampa walked to the nearest farm
and came back with the farmer and his tractor.
They used a chain to get the car back on the boards.
Then towed it off.

If they had ended up in the river,
I would not be here today to tell this story.

Yes, this is a true story.
My family has lived a very colorful life.
Many many stories were passed on.

Dear Sandy suggested that I should write
 a book and add my pictures.
Maybe when I am retired, I may do that.

For now, I just share them with you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
We are going to get some snow.
Glad I do not have to cross
any iron bridges anymore.

Let It Snow Blessings To All!


  1. It is important to share family stories! We all need to feel connected with our past and those who passed on before us. It's the stiches that hold our family quilt together.

    1. You put it great Jacky. It is our family's quilt. Well put! Janice

  2. Love your stories! Snowy here but I'm staying in so no worries of crossing bridges.

    1. It snowed all day yesterday into the evening. Janice

  3. I have driven over bridges like that with the boards. It is scary
    We are in for a huge storm but we will tuck in and wait it out

    1. Hope the storm was not as bad as they said for you. It did snow all day here yesterday, but only 4 inches. Not fun driving over those bridges. Janice

  4. Thank you for the wonderful story and your beautiful winter tree! I love the paper snowman!!!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. That's a wonderful story! I've been in a car on that kind of bridge, but never driving! I sadly put away my Christmas tree so
    maybe I will drag it back out. Yours is so pretty.

    1. Thank you Peggy. You at least know what I mean about those bridges...not fun. We got our first snow yesterday didn't we. Janice

  6. Quite the story....yikes! I wish we had more family stories that were shared and passed down.... Dicky Bird (Jacky) said it so eloquently....they truly are the stitches that hold a family quilt together. I am smitten with your little paper snowman.... Stay safe and warm... Smiles & TGIF Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Yes, Jacky said it perfectly. Thanks for liking my snowman tree! Janice

  7. I love your story but would like to know what cemetery blankets are? Thanks, Dawn in Georgia where it rarely snows.

    1. Cemetery blankets or grave blankets are made from pine boughs of different kinds. They are wired together to form a square and satin bows are added. These are used to cover graves in the Winter. It is a symbolic gesture to keep our deceased families warm in the Winter with these pines over their grave. Janice

  8. The winter tree is adorable, but that story is the best! I also would like to know what cemetery blankets are?

    1. As I stated in my comment to Dawn, grave blankets or cemetery blankets are made from various pine tree boughs wired together to form a rectangle...the size of a grave. A satin bow is added to the top and we place them on the grave to keep our deceased families warm during the Winter. It is a tradition here in Michigan, but not sure about other snowbelt states. Janice

  9. This is very nice. Though it is very scary, but I love to read it. Yes, you should write a book.

    1. Thanks Krishna. My dad said it was very scary at the time. Janice

  10. Now that is quite a story!
    Love your winter tree! Such fun.
    We are getting our worse snow of the season (really our first) and frigid temps are on the way. Puppies are not too happy!

    1. Thanks Lauren! We ended up with 4 inches here yesterday. Our really first snowstorm of the season too. Janice

  11. Oh! How frightening this must have been for the family. Don't wait to write your book. I wrote one for my grandchildren; I'm not sure how many read it, but the older people in the area where I grew up enjoyed it. :)

    1. I will have to try and do this. Thanks for the info! Janice

  12. Hi Janice,
    What a harrowing experience for your poor grandparents!! So glad they were rescued and you are here to tell the story!! I once had my car go into a skid and ended up facing the side of the overpass and felt my life flash before my eyes!! Those bridges DO get icy first and black ice is the worst!!!! Love your sweet snowman tree and winter display!!
    Stay safe and warm and enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  13. OMG How awful. Glad you are ok too! Black ice is the worst. Janice


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