Thursday, January 24, 2019

A Winter Mantle

Hello all!
Hope everyone's week is going good.

Last Saturday we had 5 inches of snow.
Not a bad number considering
those of you who commented 
with 15 and 21 inches. Yikes I say.

The worst for us came in the form of ice.
Sunday night it came in with a vengeance.

The river ice which normally comes 
down from Lake Huron
usually comes in on waves at a time.
It does not jam up all in one evening.
Now with the winds that kicked up,
this caused a lot of flooding for folks
along our mighty river.
Thankfully we are ok.
This picture I took of the restaurant near us.
The ice was coming over the boardwalk
and water was everywhere in the parking lot.

This is our dock.
At the end the ice is covering it...
so not sure if we will have a dock left
once the ice is gone.
We had to replace the end of it last year as well.
The Coast Guard from the US and Canada
are trying to free it up.
Canada is across from us.
Now mind you the Coast Guard is working
without pay because of the Govt. shutdown...
and we are all thankful they still are.
Many local businesses are chipping in 
to provide these hard working folks
with food and a hand.
Liberty Tax will give them their refund
same day if they receive one.
I could not imagine working without pay...
could you?
Without them here in our neck of the woods,
our homes would be flooded.
Some already were before they got here.
We are still not out of the woods yet.
It was freezing rain and/or raining
all day yesterday 
which will raise the water level now.
So please say a wee prayer for both
our brave Coast Guard and those
 affected by the flooding of our big river.

So back to my post.

I wanted to bring a bit of Spring into my
Winter mantle.

So I added these white flowers to my cake crocks.
I also sprinkled some faux snow
on my topiaries.

Mr. Flakes as I call him towers above
smiling down at all his domain.
{our living room}

It's a humble domain,
but I think he likes being here.

Have a great day my friends.

Winter Mantle Blessings To All!


  1. We are now getting pouring rain what a holy mess! Icy everywhere.
    Your decorations are lovely as always

    1. Ice is still here and with more snow tomorrow, will not be good. UGH Janice

  2. Mr. Flakes is awesome. I worked for a "Mr. Flakes...teehee" he was just about as "stuffy" as yours. In fact, he made that face at me a time or two (he was an attorney). My husband was in the Coast Guard reserves stationed out of Green Bay, WI.

    1. LOL Jacky! Telling me he was an attorney says it all. Tell your husband that I thank him for his service. Janice

  3. That ice is scary looking. I pray that it does not affect you!

    1. So far just our dock. With the snow expected tomorrow...who knows. Janice

  4. Uggh I love snow but ice I'm not found of even if I can stay home. Usually pulls down the lines so no electric...The blue decorated cake crock is so wonderful!

  5. Yikes to the ice....we had some snow Tuesday and again today, but now brutally cold....high winds and our ‘high’ temps will be in negative digits. And we’ve had more than our share of ice too already. I’m ready to fast forward to summer LOL. Mr. Flakes does, indeed, look quite regal up there. I love the cake crock too...they’re a favorite of mine... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. It was 6 degrees yesterday morning...dont know about the wind chill. Plan on making some chicken noodle soup today to warm us up. Janice

  6. Wow! That's quite the ice! We had a big snow yesterday and now we are in the sub zero deep freeze. Ah, winter in the north! Always love your crocks - the cake crock is a fabulous piece. Keep toasty! Jane

    1. Thank you Jane. Yes living in the North has its ups and downs, but I still like it. Janice

  7. That ice looks horrible! Faithful old Coast Guard. I hope the back pay arrives quickly. Thank you for the springy flowers photos!!!

  8. Hoping Spring comes early this year. THanks for stopping by Kimm. Looks like the shutdown has ended for now. Thank goodness. Janice


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