Sunday, January 6, 2019

Cheese Mold

Or a bread mold?

Good morning friends and
I got called in to work our store yesterday.
Bob called me at noon saying he was not
feeling good and needed to lay down.
So the good wife I am went in....
and boy was I busy.
It was a good thing, because I found out my
leg pain is due to a sciatic nerve...
and walking sure did help.

Well today I need your help. I had always thought these were cheese molds,
however a friend of mine in the antique business
said it was for bread.

So I am asking my blogging friends
if they know what it is?

Although I will never use it for what it was intended,

I decided to add a mixture of nuts to each end.
So what to add in the middle?
It needed some color.

I grabbed my whole cloves and some oranges
out of the fridge.
[shhh...don't tell Bob] 
He already saw it the other day when he came home.
Besides there were more where those came from.

Added a faux green wreath and placed 
the oranges on top.

Blue and orange compliment each other.

A perfect Winter display!

I only had to sacrifice 3 oranges.
Plus the orange scent is wonderful!

Well not sure if I will be working 
the store again today.
Waiting for Bob to get up.

Off to make us some breakfast.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

First 2019 Sunday Blessings To All!


  1. It would seem like a bread mold as those dough bowls are made from wood as well. However, living in WI is see lots of cheese boxes and they are also made of I don't know. I've made those orange and clove pomander balls and they last a really long time. I've forgot some and found like maybe years later...shhhh....and they are hard and still really cool, they almost looked fake. I have no idea how they didn't mold or a mouse get to them...shhh....

    1. I saved a pomander once for a year and it was as you say...hard and a dark color. Your secret is safe with me. Janice

  2. I don't know what it is, but I love your arrangement !
    Do hope your husband is feeling better today.

    1. Thank you Rose. Bob is feeling a little better. Janice

  3. Hi Janice,
    Not sure what your cool wooden piece was originally intended for but LOVE what it has become!!! It is just PERFECT and love those orange and clove pomanders!! You could change it out at Valentines for cloth hearts, Bunnies and eggs in the Spring, and cloth strawberries in the...........Sorry!! I just got carried away with ideas!!!! Wish I had one, whatever it is!!!
    Take care and hope you and Bob feel better!!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. What wonderful ideas Julie! I will need to do these. Thanks for the suggestions. Janice

  4. I don't know what it is. But I love your arrangement it is looking so fresh. I have one question. How long the oranges will last?

    1. Thanks Krishna! I had one last a year, but it shriveled up and got dark. Janice

  5. Whatever it is, I LOVE it. So many possibilities.
    Hope hubby is better today. Can they do anything to treat the sciatica problem? Does not sound like fun.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Bob is feeling a little bit better. Janice

  6. I have no idea about that mold but it is sweet the way you have it
    hope husband is feeling better

  7. Natural things are always the best decorating items. I am glad to hear your store was busy. That's good! Don't know about the mold myself, like what you used it for.

  8. We were busy today at the store too! Its good to see customers who are regulars. Janice

  9. 'Not sure which the mold is, but it is old and fabulous. 'Love the oranges decor.

  10. Thank you Danice! It is different. Janice


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