Monday, January 21, 2019

January CupboardScape

Happy Monday dear friends.
Today I bring you my first
of 2019.

Later today Bob and I are off to an eye doctor visit.
We both need this checkup...long overdo.

So last week our hoarder house
that we went to,
was a real doozie.
No furniture and wall to wall boxes
of stuff.
We came home with a van full and hope 
to go back again.
No primitives,
but lots of stuff for our store.

This snowman holds a dear place
in my heart.
My dad made it for me.
Since he is passed now, it reminds me of him.
I bring him out each Winter.

Friday night it started snowing.
Bob and I went out to dinner,
then stayed at the store until 10:30
changing up our one window
for Valentine's.

We were not finished pricing,
so we went back early Saturday morning
to finish up.

It was about 1:00 when we were done.
Bob asked me to stay and then at 2:00
we would leave and close up...
since it had been snowing all morning.

By 2:00 customers started coming in.
I was quite surprised as I would not 
have ventured out if I did not have to.  

2:00 ended up being 5:30pm,
as folks kept coming.
We usually close at 6:00pm.
We stayed open until 5:50pm.

We have the best customers...
but they should have stayed home.

We ended up with 5 inches of snow.

It was our first snowstorm of the season.
The East coast had it much worse.

The ice is now started to come into the river.
Our big river runs 7 miles per hour.
Because of this the ferries are shutting
down this evening
that go between the mainland
and to the islands and Canada.
It is quite dangerous at night for them.

If you had any snow this weekend,
would love to know how much fell in your area.

Also just to let you know,
I do comment back to your comments,
directly on that post...
so if you like to go back, you can read my reply.

January Snowflake Blessings To All!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good "pick" - new inventory will bring them in snow or not! I'm sure your shop window is amazing. The items you used for your cupboard scape are wonderful! The snow missed us - again - but, we have a storm coming tomorrow. I must say, I miss the snow....I do....

    1. Yep our window does look pretty good...after 7 hrs of working on it. It is freezing rain now. Ice jam came in and it is a bad one this year. Flooding everywhere. Janice

  2. Your snowmen make a wonderful show! It's so wintery! No snow here, but cold for it!
    Have a great week,

  3. Great winter display.
    Here in northern Ohio, I heard our tcity otal was 7". That is the most snow we've gotten is several years at least. I would be happy with 0"! Other areas nearby got more.

    1. Guess the more south, the more snow Saturday. Freezing rain now. Janice

  4. So lovely we got about 15 inches but at least an inch of that was ice pellets.

    1. YIKES...have not seen that much snow in years. Not sure if I could handle it.Janice

  5. Happy Monday Janice! Hope the eye appts went well...that’s on my overdue to-do list as well. Your winterscape is lovely...I really like the feather tree on the left...and the hooked snowman mat. The snow won’t reach us until early tomorrow...Only 6” is predicted, but ugly winds (of course) and then even more brutally cold temps (“highs” below 0) by the end of the week. I hope your week is off to a great start. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. I need new glasses, Bob don't need glasses. The feather tree was bought at an antique show a few years ago. Freezing rain now. Janice

  6. InMisdouri last weekend we got 21 inches snow in Columbia
    This weekend maybe 1 inch

    This time year people need to shop for new treasures

    1. YIKES...that is a lot of snow. Hope you are alright. Janice


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