Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Take Your Shoes

Off at the door.
These were my mom's words to us
when we came inside during the Winter months.

Then she would always tell us to hang up our coats.
We had a small foyer in our house with a closet
where we took our shoes off and hung our coats. 

we put our mittens and hats
on the heat register.
She knew how we played...rolled in the snow.

At gramma H's farmhouse,
we had to take off our shoes and coats
in a small area between the back porch and kitchen.

At gramma B's farmhouse
we had to take off our shoes and coats
in the dining room.
Her back porch consisted of 4 steps up
to the dining room from the outside door.
She had a shelf on the one side
where she kept the dog and cat food.
Nothing else.

I decided to transition my Christmas decor
to a Winter one now. 
With this post I have included both
day and night photos.
This display reminds me of always taking 
your shoes off at the door.

So of course I had to include 
a few pairs of antique shoes. 

My cement snowman and a pair of
 mens Winter White socks...
er... more on the light gray side.

While working the store one day,
I also decided to create more
 book page ornaments.

They were so fun to make
that I even made some 
for our small tree at the store.

My sister Teresa and I always tried to bring
some snow inside...only to have it melt.
We tried every container we could think of.
The snow still melted.

As kids we did not know it needed to be kept cold.
For my glass apothecary bottle,
I added artificial snow to remind me of 
our failed attempts at keeping snow inside. LOL

I kept the paper trees I made for Christmas
 and added mittens and hats.

I used the same book that was used for
my paper Christmas ornaments.

I love the simplicity.

Although I no longer put my
hat and gloves on the heater anymore,

mom would be proud that I still take off my shoes
at the door during the Winter months. 

Did you take your shoes off at the door? 

Take Your Shoes Off Blessings To All!


  1. since I manage a used bookstore I use book pages a lot. When we come in our back door it is really our basement I shed coat boots mittens there and go up to the main house. It is nice as the wood stove is down there and you are quite toasty

    1. So glad to hear you use book pages and take your boots, mittens off at your basement. The wood stove sounds toasty right now...wish our fireplace was lit right now. Janice

  2. beautiful photos of your warm home my friend ~

    1. Thank you Lori. Wish I lived closer to you as I would be a part of your stitching group that joins you at your farm, Janice

  3. Fun paper ornaments. I hope to cut out some hearts.
    Nope. We never took our shoes off and I still don't.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Cannot wait to see what you do with your hearts. Janice

  4. Oh how sweet!! My mom would say the same thing...I made my kids do the same...but my husband was another he would come...clump, clump, kids and grandchildren, and me take our shoes off everytime! I love your little paper cutouts! I have done that yet but they are cute!! I decorated for winter as well...have a great evening..

    1. I can see Dave going clump clump clump...funny you should say that because Bob leaves his on too! Janice

  5. We always take off our shoes in the front porch, no matter of season.
    I love the cute story of keeping snow inside home.

    1. Yeah my sister and I tried and tried and tried. it was funny thinking about it, Janice

  6. Thank you for the smile.Thinking back all those years to sledding and snowman building. We always had to take our shoes,coat and gloves off on the little porch room off the back of the kitchen before going into Grandma's old farm house..

    1. So glad I could make you smile. Loved reading your story too! Janice

  7. Your photos are spirit lifters! As is Canadian custom, everyone takes off shoes no matter what season, before entering the house. Ours is the back mudroom. The name is apt!

    1. Thank you Kimm. So glad others take their shoes off too! Janice

  8. Wonderful memories and beautiful photos, Janice! Hugs, Lori

    1. Thank you Lori! Hope all is well. Do you have snow? Janice

  9. yes we do. I love the darning on the wool socks.

    1. Thanks Jacky. That was what made me purchase those socks. I loved how they were mended. Janice

  10. Hi Janice,
    I had to laugh as I can still hear my mom saying that!! Also, another thing she would say was, "shut the door! Do you live in a barn??" Yes, I did take my shoes off AND shut the door!!
    Love your display and your fun paper ornaments!! I really loved the ones I made this year, too!! They looked so good on my bristle brush tree!!! Those shoes are really sweet on your tree!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  11. Oh my we were also told to shut the door. Do you live in a barn! Gosh what a memory. Yep my mom would say that one too.. too funny. Thanks for stopping by Julie. Love your new hearts. Janice


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