Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Socks Santa And A Shetland Sheep

Happy snowy, rainy sunshine of a day folks!
Yep here in Michigan we can expect all three
of these weather phenoms in one day.

Did you know that Christmas was not legal
until 1836 and Alabama was the first state
to adopt Christmas?

Before that it was thought to be a Pagan holiday,
which was passed down by England's Puritans
in the 1600's and then by those Puritans
who came to America.

The law stuck throughout the New England colonies.

Eventually we came to our senses,
as each state began to adopt Christmas.
However, the last state to adopt our holiday
was Oklahoma in 1907.  

Today start the reveal of my 2018
Christmas present.

With this post I bring you this pretty 
red/ blue plaid fabric.
Who cares about this fabric Janice?
Well this is what I made from it.

Keep scrolling down.

I made lil (socks) stockings.

Are they not the cat's PAJAMAS.

I only made enough for this lil tree.
Lil stockings for a lil tree.
I did remove the bunny and collar box
once my present arrived.

You have more?
Why yes I do.

Now this Santa is the Cat's MEOW!

My very first Arnett Santa.
A birthday present to myself.
Which BTW is Sunday.
Bob approved. LOL

I love how he is holding this prim candle.

A good grouping don't you think?
Well, it needed a lil punch.
Remember my 1 3 5 rule.

So I added this shetland sheep.
It now PURRS!

But Janice, this looks a bit bare above?
Why yes it does friends.
Yes it does.
It's missing the paw stamp of approval.
I am working on it.
Will show you all at a later date.
Can you guess what I am making?
It does start with another letter "S"

Hope everyone has a sparkling day!

Socks, Santa and Sheep Blessings To All!


  1. The Santa, the tree and the stockings go perfect together and then add the sheep...everything works! I know it will get even better with your next added surprise.

    1. Thank you for your visit Sandra. What I am working on will fit purr-fectly, but it os not cat. Janice

  2. Wonderful display! Love your new Santa...and his long red stocking!

    1. Thanks Robyn. I chose him because I wanted one with a stocking. Next year, I may get another one. Janice

  3. Another beautiful display, Janice ! Love those Buffalo check stockings ! Perfect.

    1. Thanks Rose! I fell in love with this fabric when I saw it. I originally was going to use it for bows, but then the light bulb went off with the lil stockings. Janice

  4. Lovely I did just read the history of Christmas last week. I thought the puritans fined people who celebrated because it was just another work day not to make merry.

    1. Yes I did read that the Puritans fined folks for trying to celebrate. Such a shame it had to take so long to enact, but so glad they did! Janice

  5. What a great post!
    I think I heard once about Christmas in the US but forgot. Glad it was approved LOL Cuz we all sure have fun with it!!
    Love what you made with the fabric - how cute are they.
    I love your Santa - everyone should have at least one Arnette.
    I bought one about 5 years ago (my one and only). Santa is sitting on a sheep and he's BIG!!!
    I think we have been having your kind of weather as well.
    Pretty nice here today though.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Karen. Yes my Santa is quite big and love that he is made in the USA. I am glad Christmas is a holiday now too! More to come with my Christmas decor. Janice

  7. Hi Janice,
    I love those sweet stocking from that lovely buffalo print!! Congrats on the Arnett Santa and Happy Birthday!! I LOVE my Santas and can never have too many!! Looking forward to your next addition to your display!!
    Happy Birthday Hugs~
    Julie xo

  8. Thanks Julie! This year will be a milestone birthday. Janice

  9. Hi Janice! First of all: happy, happy birthday to you Janice. Those little stockings are so, so sweet - I adore the fabric. My fave is the sheep. I am such a softie for sheep! Looking forward to what you are planning to add to your lovely little area. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! My great uncle Billy raised sheep on his farm which was directly across the raod from my grampa H's farm.I loved watching those sheep graze in the pasture. Janice

  10. Many thanks for the Christmas trivia. I did not know.
    Sweet Arnett Santa. I look at them often but do not need to start another collection!

    1. Always a pleasure to add a lil bit of history in. I LOVE history. Janice

  11. I love the little stockings! Cute. Happy early birthday!!!

    1. Thank you Jessica! I thought the lil stockings were super cute too! Thanks for stopping by.Miss you. Janice


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