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Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Hall For Fall

Autumn Greetings My Friends!
Well Fall is in full swing here
in Michigan.
The leaves are just starting to show there
true colors of red, orange and gold,
before turning brown.

Just a subtle transition from Summer
 to Fall in our hall.

Can you see the change
between the two pictures?

The crocks are now behind the chair,
with this bowl full of artichokes,
a white pumpkin and this 
School reader in black and orange.

I love living here by the state land and river.
Always lots of waterfowl and wildlife galore.
Yesterday walking out the door to go to work,
a beautiful red fox was trotting
 down my neighbors driveway.
He stopped at the street to look at me,
then trotted down the road a bit before
going into the woods.
The other night the coyotes were howling.
Plus my son got a tad scared Monday at dusk.
He went to put the garbage 
into one of our empty cans. 
Lo and behold an opossum hissed at him.
It must have got stuck at the bottom somehow.
I took a broomstick and knocked over
the can so he could walk away.
Like I said wildlife galore around here.

What kind of wildlike to have where you live?

Tomorrow Bob and I are headed
to Breckenridge, MI to do a prim show Saturday.
My son will be holding down the fort here at home.
We have new prims that we have hoarded away
like squirrels...and I am hoping to find my
birthday and Christmas presents there.
Bob said to buy something for myself.
Thank you sweetie!
I know I have a budget. :-)

Well off to work.
Hope you all have a fabulous Autumn weekend.
It is supposed to snow this weekend here.
Time to get out the Winter coat and gloves.

A Hall For Fall Blessings To All!


  1. You live in a beautiful spot and it’s the perfect place for your beautiful home, your treasures are amazing, best wishes at the event! I can’t wait to see what you bring home!

  2. Pretty fall hall! Our leaves turned pretty shades and have left us now. It goes too fast. We have lots of wildlife, from bears to tiny lizards. Lately foxes have been startling our kids at night.

  3. I always love your home.. it is beautiful...

  4. I live in the city, but we have a real problem with deer in the neighborhood. Skunks are not as bad as they were a few years ago, and I've even seen a flock a wild turkeys down the street.
    Your decorating as always is wonderful!

  5. We are in for snow tonight too a little to early for me. December is fine. We are in the woods so we have lots of animals too. Bear, fox, bob cat, raccoon, skunk and porcupine are a few that we have had in the yard in the past year.

  6. I hope you find a treasure at the show. We have plenty of wildlife here. My neighbor recently had a cougar on his trail cam - we were so surprised! He has cattle so he's not that happy. Have a great weekend.

  7. I love the hallway, looks like a nice cozy place to just sit and read. Lucky you to see the fox, here we have lots of oppussums some even take a nap on the shelf in the garage. We get deer sometimes, plenty of skunks too. We have had pheasants under the cedar tree and the neighbor had a coyote looking for small dogs . Hope you find some wonderful birthday gifts too have a great show.

  8. Hi Janice! We live in a small town, but still get coyote, opossum, raccoons and the occasional fox. A beautiful red fix crossed the road in front of my car the other day. Haven't seen deer yet, but there are plenty of those just down the road a bit. Have a wonderful show! Jane


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