Sunday, November 18, 2018

Breckenridge Show Pics

Happy snowy Sunday friends!
Yes it is snowing here this morning.
I actually like snow on the trees.
It is pretty!

Today I wanted to show you the eye candy
from the Breckenridge show. 

So wish I had more money to spend...

This is always my favorite booth.
Love how they set it up.

This is the biggest spinning wheel
I ave ever seen.

I am not a green person,
however this green tin pie safe was awesome!

Loved this uge bowl with the glass shade.

Yummy smelling gingerbreads.

Santas in a pail.

This horse actually was ours.
I did not know another antique dealer 
purchased it from us.
Still looks good!

The remaining pics are from our booth.

Off to make breakfast.
Then starting my Christmas decorating.
Since I only have the weekends to
decorate, I want to start now,
so I can enjoy the Season.

What are your plans today!

Snowy Sunday Blessings To All!


  1. Looks like a terrific show and your booth is amazing!

    1. Thanks Lauren. The show was amazing as ever. We love doing this one even though it is far away. Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    I am sooo behind on reading your blog, or ANY BLOG, for that matter!! Just so busy with getting ready for my Update and time got away from me!! The show looks WONDERFUL and I would have had a hard time with choices!! Your booth looked great and hope you did well!! Just read your other posts and you sure have had a lot going on!! Love your turkey and your displays!! We have LOTS of scary critters out here that I HOPE I NEVER SEE!!! I did see a coyote running down the middle of the road though, and it gave me quite a scare as it was in the morning!! Yikes!! Hope you and yours have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. Yikes hearing coyotes in the distance hereis much different than seeing one, although I did encounter one as a teen. About 5 feet away, when the family dog got between that coyote and me. He was a great alaskan eskimo dog! Look forward to your update. Janice

  4. Well I love it all!

    1. So did I Laurie. So did I. It was hard to choose anything to purchase, but I did buy a few things. Janice

  5. some pretty wonderful things.

    1. Yes there were lots of things at this show. Things for everyone. Janice

  6. Oh my goodness! Love it all! I am a green person - yes please to the pie safe!

    1. If you like green Jacky, ten that pie safe was for you. It was in the booth right across and I looked at it for most of the day. But it did sell in the afternoon. It was a great show! Janice

  7. Everything looks lovely. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. Warm Thanksgiving wishes to you, Janice.

  8. Thanks Rose! Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours too! Janice

  9. Looks great, sorry I missed it.
    Blessed Thanksgiving to you both!

  10. Wow! You weren't kidding about the eye candy. Thanks for all the fun pictures!


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