Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fresh Crisp Window

Good morning everyone!
Mid Week is finding the mugginess coming back.
The air will be back on once again.

Gramma H always loved her white linen.
I have been thinking more about her linens lately.
Wondering where they went after she passed.
Wishing I could have them right now.
Maybe that's why lately I have been drawn
 more to linen than ever before.

I decided to add linen for my bath curtain.
Could not find any white curtain rings,
so I purchased some silver ones.
Then I spray painted them white to match the rod.

Waited until the linen fabric on the bolt at Joann's
was at 50% then purchased this linen.
The ribbon lace was also on sale.

I did machine sew the edges of the linen
 so as not to fray,
however the lace was hand sewn.
Lace sewn just on the bottom.

A somewhat finished look.

Yes I did say somewhat as I plan 
on adding another layer to this.
I thought this was a bit too simple...
but I did not have enough time to 
finish in one day.

Day Two.
I was perusing the photos 
of my grandparents wedding poses.
Back in the early 1900's,
and lace was all the rage.
Both Gramma H and Gramma B's veils
were long and frilly lace.
They were beautiful!
So once again I went to Joann's. 

 I purchased 3/4 of a yard of this lace. 

Once again I sewed the ribbon lace onto the lace,
This overlay of lace reminded me
of my Gramma's wedding veils.

Imagine the end of a veil in this shape.

It was Gramma H's love of French linen
and both my Gramma's wedding veils
 that inspired this window treatment.

My mom loved it and the story behind it!

Speaking of mom,
she is getting stronger each day.
She starts out-patient therapy next week.
We walk 10 minutes a day.
She walks with her cane each morning...
and hopefully soon se can lose the walker.

Fresh Crisp Window Blessings To All!


  1. very pretty I love linen or just plain white cotton. Feels fresh and summery

    1. Thank you very much Cathy! I love this linen that I chose.It is clean and bright, perfect for my bath. Janice

  2. looks great , I really like the addition of the vee,,! I'm a linen lover too,, good news about your mum as well!

    1. Thank you Laurie. I really was inspired to do the vee by my grandmother's wedding veils. Janice

  3. I like your linen window cover also. I have linen top on today .
    It’s been so hot here I have my usually open windows covered with cotton tablecloths to keep the sun out
    I was not aware of linen ribbon
    So will look at Joan’s my next trip

    1. The ribbon is actually cotton ribbon that is sold on the bolt. My gramma H use to put linens in the windows too! Janice

  4. Today, I can post!! Some gremlin must be messing up my ability to reply when it feels like it !
    Your bathroom curtain turned out nicely. It is simple yet very homey and doesn't detract from the other decor. I like what you came up with.

    The good news today is how strong your Mom is getting each day!! It is wonderful that she is doing her walking with a cane and ready for out patient therapy next week. She is an inspiration to all of us!!

    1. Thank you Winnie! It was a simple window design wich was inspired my my grandmother's wedding photos. I was looking at them on the wall at my mom's house when we went to get her more clothes. The nurses have been so amazed that my mom at 83 does not take any medication. Glad you able to post today. Janice

  5. This is so funny, Janice...I just made window curtains for my bathroom using those same cafe clips! I made mine grey and white buffalo check...I needed a new look for my bathroom as well. I love how you made the lace triangle overlay...very creative!! Have great day! Glad to hear your mom is doing well!

    1. WOW who would have thought you were working on your own window. Gray and white buffalo check sounds like a great color combo too! Hope you show it in a post sometime. Janice

  6. It looks really nice. Glad you hear your mom is doing good!

  7. Thank you Jacky! We went walking the grocery store this morning as it was too muggy to walk outside...hoping for much needed rain. Hope you have a great weekend!!! Janice


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