Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Prelude

To my Autumn upcoming decor.

Yes my friends...
I have Autumn on my brain.

Looking around my humble home,
I have realized that blues and golds
are here and there throughout.
Therefore I have planned to feature
these hues as my Autumn tones.  

Quilts have also been a big part of my childhood.
Gramma H would take no longer 
used clothing and cut them up 
into squares and triangles.
She saved them in her sewing box,
and once she had enough for a quilt,
her trusty treadle Singer sewing machine
worked its magic.

Gramma B also made quilts from old clothing.
She also used feedsack material.
Her chicken feed came in bags of fabric,
which was called Feedsack fabric.
She chose her feed bags by the colors
 she wanted in her quilts.

Although quilts were a necessity,
There were no fabric stores at the time.
The five and dime stores or the corner
general stores carried fabric,
needles and thread, and batting.
I loved going inside these stores.
The floors were made of wood,
and they creaked with every step you made.
It was these same stores
where Gramma B always bought 
me some Mallow Cups.
These are still one of my favorite 
chocolate candies!
We now sell Mallow Cups in our own store.

I had this wool in my stash, 
so I decided to create a quilt block.
I appliqued each of the squares and triangles
into this as a memory of my gramma's quilts.

If anyone knows this pattern,
please share as I have no clue.

The backside was completed in this blue tick fabric.

For now I have placed it on this chair.

Later this finished pillow will be a segment
of my blue and gold Autumn.
So stay tuned for upcoming reveals
when I decide to start my Autumn decor.

A Prelude to Autumn Blessings To All!


  1. Love the quilt block but I have no idea what the it is named.

  2. Your quilt block memory pillow is precious. My great grandma (Granny) made some quilts, and I have one of them. Sadly, I do not know anything about the fabric she used. She made my baby blankets and later a mickey mouse blanket when I was older.

    1. THank you Jessica! So glad you had a granny that made you some quilts too! They sure do make memories. Janice

  3. Love the pillow Janice - the pattern and colors are wonderful. Isn't amazing how a simple candy bar can bring back such precious memories? Jane

  4. Thanks Jane! Yes I am a chocloholic! Especially Mallow Cups and Kit Kat's Janice


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