Saturday, July 21, 2018

Can This Be Prim


We did get some much needed rain yesterday.
Not a lot, but at least the grass 
got a much needed drink.
It came from the South,
so thank you Winnie for bringing it our way. :-)
Hopefully we will get more today.

So last week Bob asked me to pick up his check
at the antique store where he has a booth
 which is in the town I work at.
He keeps some guy stuff in there.
{overflow of our store} 

Now this store is a vintage one,
no primitives....
so I was quite surprised when I found this.
Now go ahead and ask me.
Can this be prim Janice?

Ladies in the 1800's used fans 
both to cool themselves, but also to conceal
their face to hide from blushing or to flirt.

{back of fan}
Woman realized it was to their advantage
to talk to a man without even saying anything.
Fans were used as social etiquette.

Holding your fan in the left hand 
signified a desired acquaintance.

Resting the fan on the right cheek meant "YES"
left cheek "NO"

Pulling the fan across the face 
was a sign the couple was being watched.

Twirling the fan in your left hand
meant she wanted to be rid of you. 

Twirling in the right hand;
I love another.

Hold your fan up against your left ear
"You have changed"

Moving the fan across your eyes
"I'm Sorry"

Putting it wide open,
"Wait for me"

Dropping your fan,
was a sign that we could be friends.
{same goes for a hanky or hat}

Fanning very fast meant I am already married.

Pulling your fan through your hand.
"I hate you"

PLacing it on your lips
"Kiss me"

Can you imagine using a fan in such a way
to express your feelings?
I found it fascinating.
By 1865 fashion dictated all woman carry a fan.

If your family or husband had money,
your fan would have been made with 
precious jewels, hand painted,
made with some gold or ivory or even feathers.
Since the one I purchased is made of just
linen and wood...mine is primitive indeed!

Now fans fell out of fashion in the 20th century.
However their mystique and alluring past
still remains.

Now of course if you just wanted to cool off,
you simply just fanned yourself...
which is what I should be doing myself when
going outside in this muggy weather. LOL

Prim Fan Blessings To All!


  1. cute info on a fan I don't know if I could learn in all and then get myself in trouble.
    A beautiful night here

    1. I dont know if I could remember all that myself. LOL Janice

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  3. Hi Janice! So cool about the fan etiquette...who knew? I had to delete my above comment because I hit the enter button before I was done...UGH! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. I am going to have to watch Scarlett O'Hara the next time I watch Gone with the Wind for the ladies and their fans. Janice

  4. Not sure about the fan etiquette but I'm a woman of a certain age and always hot so I carry a fan in my purse and use it quite frequently.

  5. imagine that a fan could have such power!!!

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by Laurie. Janice

  6. Thank you for sharing fan etiquette,a lot of fun facts. With my luck I would have forgotten which gesture meant what


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