Friday, January 5, 2018

Yo Yo Yumminess

It is -2 actual temperature right now.
Alas I have to go to work. BRRRR

I have been reminiscing lately about
gramma B's yo yo quilt.
The time she took to create that quilt,
with scraps of fabric from well worn clothes.
Thinking about that quilt still amazes me.
I am not sure who in the family 
received this precious quilt, or if someone 
decided to throw it away.
I called my mom and she does not remember
where it went.
At least I still have my memories.

Although I do not have the ambition nor the time
to create such a quilt for myself...
I decided to create a few yo yo's myself.
Using fabrics in reds, maroons and off whites.

It was very relaxing
sitting in my stitching chair,
 watching tv and hand sewing these up
to create a Valentine heart.

I overlapped each yo and varied the colors.

The background fabric is a flowered creamy Matelasse.
{looks a bit like white in the pic}
Rag stuffed like all of my pillows.

I chose a striped fabric for the backside 
as it reminded me
of candy stripes.
I love candy for Valentine's!

To cover my opening, I stitched a wool red heart.
Red hearts remind me of

This pillow measures approx. 10 1/2 inches square.
Kindly asking $30 plus shipping.
If interested, please email me at
US residents only.
I only have 2 available.
{the placement of the yos on each pillow are a bit different}

As always I give my blogging friends first chance at 
my goodies before I take them to our store.

The river is full of ice now.
The ferries to Canada have stopped running.
Too early for ice....just too cold.
Great for the ice fishermen though.

Hope everyone who is in this frigid cold weather,
or the snowstorms stay warm and safe.
Do not go outside if you do not have to.
I am wearing extra layers of clothing this morning.
The temps will rise a bit tomorrow....
will think it is a heat wave.
Have a great weekend!
Mine will be spent stitching up more goodies!

Yo Yo Yumminess Blessings To All!


  1. That heart pillow is yo yo yumminess! It has been in the - and single digits here in WI too. I've been giving farm animals extra care, treats, extra, extra...I am taking some time off in January - time off is hard when you are self employed, because it involves research, crafting, etc. for my business. I said all that to say...I've been snuggled up doing some pennies on wool and watching the Incredible Dr. Pol marathon....Have a great weekend.

    1. I love Dr Pol! His practice is a little over 2 hours from us here. Before he moved his practice he was much closer in the Thumb where we are. Being self employed is hard work. I work full time, but am constantly making things for our store and decorating for the seasons. I love it though. Stay warm. Janice

  2. As a fellow yo-yo lover your pillow is sweet! I went down in the basement the other day to put some Christmas things away and ended up making little candle mat with a scrap of leftover fabric. Made a few yo yo's to jazz up the edge a bit.They just make me smile. I could never construct an entire quilt of them but thank you for sharing your memory f your gramma B's

    1. Thank you Maureen! I am sure your lil candle mat is so sweet too! Maybe I might do some candle mats myself with smaller yos. Janice

  3. Brrrr, you are really cold up there!!! We have had temps in the mid twenties this week and the heavy frost has killed a lot of plants even though we covered them up.
    My Mom made a lovely yo-you quilt and it now belongs to my oldest sister and will go to her Granddaughter who was my Mom's first great grandchild. Your pillows are so cute with those red colors and you did a wonderful job!

    Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Well last night when I pulled in the driveway it was minus 7. This morning going to the grocery store it was at 1. So nice that you have a yo yo quilt that will be past down. I so hate that this has become a throw away society. Stay warm my friend. I know you are not use to the cold down there. Janice

  4. Replies
    1. THank you Krishna. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice

  5. The next few days will feel like a heat wave. It is just too stinkin' cold. Are we paying for our mild fall?
    Sweet little pillow. I love the back.
    Stay warm and safe :)

  6. Yes it is very cold indeed. I am afraid of what our heating bill is going to look like next month. Am working on a few more pillows this weekend. Stay tuned. Hope you stay safe and warm too my friend! Janice


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