Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mother Nature At Her Worst

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work,
it started freezing rain;
so I decided to worked from home.
Glad I did because then
 it changed over to snow 
and we got 2 more inches of the white stuff.

Later in the afternoon,
Bob and I went to the grocery store 
and this is what we saw.
We had no idea the river had risen so much overnight.
{water is close to the pole}

Because of the frigid weather we have had,
the ice has come into our big river
sooner this year.

Usually we see major ice in February.
 {not this much though}
We have some ice in January
{last year we had no ice}
This is our dock in the background.
See at the end where the ice has raised it.

The ice is jamming up so much, 
that it has come up under our dock
and lifted the dock up precariously at the end. 
So much so that it will need to be replaced now.

The ice is raising the river and the water 
is almost at the top of the rest of our dock.
If this happens,
 more of our dock will need to be replaced.

The ice has almost reached the road
just south of our dock.
In the 16 years I have lived here,
I have never seen the ice this bad.
Folks I know have not seen it in over 30 years like this.
The U S Coast Guard ship pictured here
is trying to break the ice up, 
so it can move out of the river into the lake.

In some places the ice was higher than the road.
{not good at all}

We were watching the ship maneuver a bit...
going backwards and turning and trying to break it up.
We are all hoping he does it soon.
Lots of docks are being lost to the river.
Now we are currently under a flood warning.
Houses are being flooded.

We live in a community of 50 homes,
where we all enjoy our dock.
We each pay $50 per year for the upkeep of both the dock
and the cutting of the grass for our 3 acre park.
Looks like our fund this year will be going 
to repair our dock.

Up the river in the town where our store is,
the ice broke up the ferry dock
that runs between the U S and Canada.
Now we lost our Canadian friends
 who come over and shop. 

This is bad. Never imagined it could be like this.
This is MotherNature at her worse.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
We will be watching our river.

Hoping To Thaw Out Blessings To All!


  1. we have bone chilling cold and never getting above zero and snow at least 2 feet of snow. Then it goes to 51 and rains we are having flooding like crazy the rivers are daming up from the ice then magicly it goes to 25 and freezing rain, sleet so all that flooded froze up! It is one crazy winter.

    1. Yes it has been a crazy Winter...and to think we still have more to come. Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    I sure hope all that ice can be broken up soon!! So sorry about your dock! Hoping there is no more damage! Stay safe and warm, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. No luck getting rid of the ice yet. Bob says a freighter is stuck out there now. Janice

  3. WOW, this is truly scary! I hope the Coast Guard can get the ice broken up before more damage occurs. Take care and stay warm!

    PS, this is the 4th time I have tired to post and nothing will go through. Here is hoping!!

    1. Not is still there. Suppose to get more snow tomorrow. Not good. Fingers crossed over here that the breakers get it un jammed soon. Janice

  4. Hope all the ice can be broken up and no flooding happens. Be careful on the roads. Stay warm and safe.

    1. Not yet. We are hopeful though it will be cleared soon. Janice

  5. Sorry to hear this - that's terribe. I hope they can break up the ice and there will be no more flooding

  6. Still on the watch for flooding. Nothing has changed yet. Thanks for your concern. It means a lot. Janice

  7. Janice, I am sorry about the ice and flooding. Goodness. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Our area was hit by an F3 tornado in May of 2017. The damage was something I never saw in my life. Trees looked like toothpicks.
    I do understand how you feel. Sending hugs! Carla

  8. Oh goodness. Looks very cold and wet. Hoping it is all cleared away soon, and no one is injured. Blessings.


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