Saturday, January 20, 2018

January CupboardScape

Continuing with my Winter tree theme for January,
I decided to add a few trees
for my first CupboardScape of the year.

Starting with this tree cookie cutter.

Inside a burl bowl.
A burl bowl is much more grainy 
than normal wood bowls,
and has some imperfections.

My burl bowl sitting atop two pantry boxes.

The second tree with just lights.

Add a wreath.
Insert one fairly large snowman.

Oh, and add a blue and white
 check quilt for the background.

You have yourself a wintery display.

Don't forget to add some old pillows.

Now this display warms me up!

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In other news,
please say a wee prayer for one of our friends.
She lost her store 2 blocks from ours due to a fire overnight.
Thank goodness the folks living
 above the store made it out safe.
They are still investigating on how it started.

We are also on flood watch this weekend.
With the possible rain coming in,
the river will only rise with the ice still there.
Not a good situation for us all.

Well off to do some grocery shopping,
then making some bunnies and pudgy carrots.
Enjoy your weekend!
What will be your plans?

First Year's CupboardScape Blessings To All!


  1. Wonderful winter display! The snowman is so handsome!

  2. Love this blue and white Winter display! Where you are, a fun snowy scene is just the perfect landscape for some cozy indoor work. I am so sorry to hear about the fire near your store and the pending rain with flooding to your community. I will be sending prayers for safety for everyone and their properties!

    1. Thank you Winie. Fingers crossed we do not flood. Been raining all day. Janice

  3. Love the blue and whites - pillow ticking is one of my favorites

  4. Sending prayers to your friend. How sad.

  5. Beautiful detailed cupboard scape. Prayers for not much rain and no rise in the water and praying for Donna a very sweet shopowner. Have a ceey blessed week

    1. Keeping an eye on the river. Cannot see much of the spiels tonight...May lose our whole dock. Hope it stops raining. I did see my first eagle of the year yesterday though. Janice

  6. Hi Janice,
    So very sorry to hear of your friend's loss!! I hope they can find the cause and insurance will take care of it!! Happy the people above got out safely, too! Love your sweet display and it is so perfect for this time of year!
    Prayers for you and your ice situation as well!! Stay safe, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. Thank you Julie. So sad because about 10 years ago her other shop burned down. She may not re-open this time now. Janice


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