Thursday, January 11, 2018

Red Hot Hearts

Mother Nature sure cannot 
make up her mind here in Eastern Michigan.
From frigid weather, to snow,
to Spring like weather and rain, back to freezing rain.
More snow to come and then back to frigid weather.
Its enough to make me wonder why I live here.

I am a homebody though.
My roots are here.
I could never leave my home state.
Love is everything.
{Did I do a good job of leading
 you into my latest project}  ;-)

I had these gray worms {wool strips}
So I decided to incorporate them into this.

Added a large fabric heart and a smaller wool one.

The back side fabric is the same red print fabric
as the heart on the other side.

I chose to hand stitch the word love in handwriting.
Can you believe my grandkids 
do not know how to write like this?
They are no longer being taught this in school.
All they know how to do is print...
or type on their phones or PC's.
This is going to be another lost art. 

Even though it looks wonderful here on my chair,
this one of a kind pillow is for sale.

This pillow measures approx. 12 1/2 inches square.
Kindly asking $30 plus shipping.
If interested, please email me at
US residents only.
Remember this one is OOAK.

As always I give my blogging friends first chance at 
my goodies before I take them to our store.

Well off to pack my stitching bag 
before heading to work.
I like to stitch during my lunch.

Do you live in your home state?
If not where do your roots lie?

Red Hot Heart Blessings To All!


  1. Cursive writing is beautiful and I couldn't wait to get into 3rd grade to start learning how to write "like that" - sad that it's left behind. Good use for the wool strip. I didn't know they were called worms? Funny, but that nails it.

    1. I think cursive is so much faster than printing and I so love looking at the early writing from the 1800's with pen and ink. Another lost art. Janice

  2. I wonder why I live in Ohio, but like you, my roots are here so I will probably never leave, though I would love to go south for a couple months each winter...sigh. Maybe some day.

  3. Hi Janice,
    I have that same red fabric you used on your pillow!! Love it!! I was so shocked and saddened to learn that they are no longer teaching cursive writing in school, too!! After living in warmer states, I really don't think my body could stand the cold temps anymore!! I miss the fall season, but NOT the snow!! Stay safe and warm, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

    1. I should have known you would have that red fabric. :-) My old body cannot take this cold weather either anymore and I have lived here all my life. LOL Ice in the morning and then snow. YUK Janice

  4. The cushion you have made is so cute..

  5. Use your art skills and teach those babies cursive. They need it as part of their art!

    1. Actually that is a great idea! My grandson can draw like me and wants to be a graphic artist. We bought him drawing books and pencils for Christmas.Will have to show him how to write. Thanks! Janice

  6. my home state is Maine but I live in NH. I lived near the ocean in Maine and now I live near the mountains. I will take the Mountains they make my heart sing. When we go south for any reason we both say we feel like we are home the minute we start to see our white Mountains. I am an New England person. and though I complain about the cold and snow there is no place like home.
    love your pillow

  7. I remember as a teen my parents taking us through Vermont and NH on a covered bridge too. It was awesome! I bet the Fall colors in your mountains are awesome! Janice

  8. HI Janice, I am trying again today to post a comment. I do love your new Red Hot heart pillow! You always have such sweet ideas when you create prims.

    Stay warm as the Winter weather rages on! We are going to get another blast of it ourselves down here in Florida this weekend. Time to focus on more indoor projects for me.

  9. It worked!! I double clicked on the publish button. Maybe that is the key??

  10. Thank you Winnie. Freezing rain to snow this morning. Staying in now myself for the weekend. Janice

  11. Your pillow is beautiful, imagination abounds. The frozen river is not playing nice this year. I think the weather turned because I washed my car lol. Stay warm and craft on

  12. Thanks Sandy! No Mother Nature is mad at us it seems. We lost our dock today because of the ice. :-( Janice

  13. Sorry about your dock. I heard the ice was right there😯


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