Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wishing For Snow

Yes you heard me right friends.
Maybe if it snowed, 
the rain would not bring any floods.
It was awfully foggy Sunday,
and then the rain came all day yesterday.
Because of the rain, the river is rising.
Last night the ice was level with our dock now.
Now you see why I am wishing for snow.

I did however see my first bald eagle for the year.
They always show up here in the Winter,
when the ducks are in the river.
Other times of the year their territory is in the lake.

Back to my snow post.

I purchased this cement snowman at a show 2 years ago.

I actually forgot I had purchased it.
Found it hiding in storage, 
so he is finally making an appearance.
I did add the blue wool scarf...
maybe next year he will sport a red one.

Added another tree.
This time I put the tree inside my glass button jar.

Added a few more bottle brush trees.

For a sweet hall winter display.

Now if it would snow again outside.

Wishing For Snow Blessings To All!


  1. Loving the old games board behind the tree!

  2. I love when I find something I forgot in storage - it's like Christmas...LOL

  3. What a cute little table scape with that darling snowman! The idea of continuing to use little trees and the old flecked bottle brush trees is perfect for a snowy back drop.

    Hopefully this river crisis is not going to be made worse with the changing weather. I know this must be terribly worrisome to everyone! Hold tight!

    1. Yes, I hope everyone follows suit, to enjoy the season longer. I even now am starting a Valentine tree.Will show soon. Janice

  4. I bought one of those sweet little snowmen, too :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes it is cement. I have seen these in pumpkins too now. Janice

  6. It is still a good time for sharing snowmen! Glad you found yours! Hope you get that snow and the river freezes rather than spilling over! Stay safe.


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