Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter Displays II

Before I bring on more of my Winter displays,
I want to thank everyone once again 
for your thoughts, concerns and prayers for us.
The river has not receded yet, nor has it risen anymore.
Bob told me last night he saw two freighters 
stuck in the ice now upriver from us.
He said the Coast Guard was out there trying to 
make a path to free them.
I just hope today once they are freed, that the river
does not raise up even more.

I so love my latest Teddy I purchased,
 that I had to keep him out a little longer.
 The snowman pillow on the right
was made for me by my mom years ago.
Another one that I will cherish forever.

A sweet lil display on my chair.
I took one of my faux holly garlands 
and draped it over the chair.

A Winter Hallway.

My cabin tucked in the woods.

Small display on my cupboard.

This is an early ice skate.

I opened a book, added a sprig of holly and jingle bells.
This picture is featured as part of my blog header. 

Today I have a day off from work, so I will be stitching.
I will also hook a few loops in my latest rug.
Catch up on my tv shows.
Victoria started last night, so I taped it for today.

What will you be doing today?

Stitchin Time Blessings To All!


  1. I love old bears too! I will be working on my 4H project for tonight - I am starting a stitching group - X, embroidery, crewel - just teaching the basics. It's really a life skill. I told the boys, it's not just for girls. LOL

    1. LOL you are so right. I taught my son the basics of sewing, cooking and laundry. They can benefit from it too. Be sure to let us see the finished projects. Janice

  2. Loving the winter hallway vignette and the old skate with the ribbon and greenery.

  3. Love the old bear.. she is so sweet..

    1. Thank you Kishna. It is a sweet piece of history. Janice

  4. am glad to hear that the river has not caused further damage! Hopefully the problem can be resolved to avert a future crisis. It al sounds worrisome for your community and I know everyone is praying for the best.

    Your little teddy is very sweet and I bet he will appear in future posts! Where did you find the cute little log cabin? I have been looking for years to find one without any luck. Log Cabins are my obsession!

    Have a great week!!


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