Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tree Updates

Good morning everyone!
While the weather outside
will be frightening,
I will be toasty and warm inside.
Making Christmas cookies is on my agenda.
This is a Christmas tradition that gramma B
started in our family with her polish cookies
like angel wings,  thumbprints and kolachis.
Then my mom made spritz cookies, 
cherry snowflakes, and others.
Now I make Church Windows, Peanut butter blossoms,
and more. 

I did finish decorating my little tree.

I want to thank Julie from
 Primitive Heartstrings
 for suggesting to add baby shoes.
{they are a great addition Julie}

They look perfect... along with bundles of peppermints.

Mini acorns and metal stars.

Turkey feathers towards the top.
An antique tinsel star takes the center stage.

Plus silver mercury garland.

All finished.

Also added a few fabric pears.
Very homey and sweet.

Now for my other tree.

Raffia garland and more peppermint bundles.

Corn cobs, quince 

and a few of my dollies.

Angel on top for a festive corner.

This is our living room corner.

To the left of the tree is our tv.
{I don't like to add it in my pics}
Although I love the primitive style,
I do have the modern comforts.

The wagon was a 
birthday present from Bob
many years ago.

I added my dad's favorite Christmas plant.
Red Poinsettias.

I use faux plants for my kitties.

Night time view.

Our corner blue cabinet.
Filled with stoneware pitchers and
ginger bottles.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Tree Update  Blessings to All!


  1. Your trees look great! The poinsettia wagon is a beautiful touch too. I love those plants and want to get the fake ones so they can't die on me. Next year!
    Christmas hugs, Jessica

  2. For many years I did not have a TV that worked, but when I finally got one it had to fit in my corner cupboard behind closed doors. I haven't had a visible TV for probably 30 years!
    Love the baby shoes on your tree. So sweet.
    Merry blessings :)

  3. Nice!

    Merry Christmas.

    Plans for the weekend? Making chili, writing Christmas cards, maybe peanut butter cookies, and watching Star Trek.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I've just finished dressing our tree. I'm relaxing with a cup of coffee, a tangerine and a homemade mince pie as a reward not that it was a chore at all. Nothing planned for tomorrow as we are forecast snow very early tomorrow morning.

  5. Hi Janice,
    The baby shoes look so sweet and add just the right touch!! Happy you liked my suggestion!! Love all those poinsettia's and what a great gift the wagon from Bob was!! The other trees look so pretty, too!! Always love to see your decorations and displays!!
    Have a great weekend baking cookies!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Beautiful! I love the baby shoes!!! Your pottery peaking at of the cabinet is gorgeous too

  7. Hi Janice~ I love both of your sweet trees! The idea of candy cane bundles is both fun and colorful! I am working on my little prim tree but have not finished it. Today was very windy and chilly as a cold front is arriving so we went and got our tree today and I just finished putting it up. It is always our Scandinavian ornaments that my Mom and I made decades ago, plus many others gifted or purchased over the years. We started a Scandinavian theme decades ago to give our girls a taste of their Norwegian heritage as they are 50% Norwegian from Warren's side of the family who are all Norwegians 100%.

    I always love to see what you put together and I bet your house has been smelling wonderful today with those cookies baking!! Yum!!

  8. I love the decorations.. they are so pretty..


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