Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Birthday Present

Good morning all and Happy Weekend!
Bob gifted me with the most wonderful 
birthday present.
My birthday is today, but he surprised me
a few days ago with this.

A wonderful cabinet for the bath made from old wood.
The black hinges are new, but the insulator knobs are old.

It fits perfectly above our toilet.

I have no clue what to put inside though...
as everything we need for the bath
 fits inside our dresser sink.

It is painted the same color as our walls.
The color is Icicle from Benjamin Moore.

I so love how it looks!

Then he hung up my rack.

Where I wanted to hang all of my antique hand mirrors.
It was an idea I saw [stole] from Robin over at
The Cranky Crow.
She did the same thing in her bath.
Robin we so miss your posts....
wish you would come back to blogging.

I could not remember where I hid all of the mirrors,
so I grabbed the one from the bedroom.
{hopefully I will remember where I put the others}

Then he hung this other rack 
opposite to the other one.

Where I now can display Gramma H's petticoat.
She always dressed and undressed
 in her upstairs bath farmhouse.

When she was not wearing her petticoat,
she always hung it in the bathroom.
Love the lace!
I have wanted to hang this here 
in our own bath for so very long now.

It now will proudly stay here.

Night time view.

Bob also made our toilet paper holder.
He used black pipe and old barn wood that he stained.
It also fits perfectly with our farmhouse look.
Plus it gave me a place to add one of my vintage soaps.

I have a collection of bar soaps.
maybe they can go either on top of my new cabinet,
or open one door and display them inside.
Will have to work on that now. ;-)

Later today we will be going 
to Mikayla's (granddaughter) 
Christmas concert.
She will be playing the bells.
Then go out for my birthday dinner.

Birthday Present Blessings To All!


  1. Happy birthday blessings, Janice! I hope you have a wonderful day. Your new cupboard is perfect! I love all of your touches in your bathroom. The toilet paper holder is clever! Have fun deciding what to put in your cupboard. Hugs, Lori

  2. Happy birthday Janice! Your new cupboard is wonderful, you have a very sweet hubby. I love the additions to your new bathroom!

  3. Looks great! Yes, I miss Robin too and she lives within 30 minutes of me...LOL..Robin, come back - blogland misses you! I just had to delete my reading list - I'm getting unwanted comments from somewhere - but, Robin's blog is still on my keep list...

  4. Hi Janice,
    Happy Birthday to you!!! Your cupboard is a perfect gift and you will have fun displaying in it!!! Love that TP holder, too, and those racks are just wonderful as well!! So nice to surround yourself with those special treasures!
    Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Janice~ A bit Happy Birthday to you!!! You r gift from Bob is really cool and I love how it looks in your bathroom. The toilet paper holder is just perfect and tell Bob he had a wonderful idea. Hanging up your Grandma's special under garment looks perfect in your bath and adds an even older feel to the space. This bath renovation turned out fantastic. It was worth the wait and inconvenience!!

  6. Happy Birthday dear friend! Today would be my late mom's birthday too. I adore the cabinet, and all of the items you have shared here. It must make you so happy to be adding these final, unique touches! xo

  7. Happy Birthday! What a nice birthday present you received. Looks great and has all kinds of opportunity for you to decorate! Love the hanging racks; the mirrors will look great hanging on them. Love the clothing from your grandmother too. Something about the light linen color from the past makes me just love them. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  8. Happiest of blessed birthdays, wishes for an extraordinary year. Love the photos of your bathroom, great job Bob. Enjoy reading your blog as always and appreciate the accompanying photos


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