Sunday, December 17, 2017

Loving The Red & White

It's the start of a new week.
On top of the 6 inches of snow the other day,
more came on Friday and Saturday.
Thursday before the funeral I was stuck in the snow.
A good samaritan who drove by tried to get me out...
but he made me get stuck even worse.
So much that the only way to get me out 
then was for my neighbor to pull me out
with a chain hooked up to his heavy duty truck.
We have a small driveway...and with all of the cars,
I had to park on the grass.
Oh well,
we got out and mom and I were on our way.

Yesterday evening Bob and I went to his cousin's home,
for his family Christmas party.
Food was great and it was nice meeting new cousins,
I had not met before.

This post will be the last of my red & white theme. 

I am so over the moon with this year's theme
 that I am going to carry it over into 

This is a linsey woolsey blanket I rescued.
It has holes and patches...but I so love it.

I made this pillow from vintage fabric way back.

We have grayish green walls in our back room.
The red and white looks so good in here.

Next is another Santa I made years ago.

This is a vintage redwork pillowcase
that I tucked inside the basket.

Cozy corner.

With yet another sweet red and white quilt.

A snowy winter day.

Around every window garland hung up 

with red berries.

Finally my sweet horses.

With Santa ready to take his ride.

Tucked in a small Christmas basket on its side. 

Finally, I forgot to show you
 the box that holds our big tree.
I love old boxes and this one always holds our tree.

Not only does it hold our tree,
but Shadow kitty likes to jump in each day....
and sleep in there.
I have a little blanket inside, 
and he must feel safe and snug.

That does it folks.
I had loads of fun decorating this room.
{alas I neglected the kitchen this year}
Only a few touches in there.
Oh well..there is always next year.

I have other Santa's to feature from this room...
more of them on another post filled Santa one.

Until then,
may your days be 

Sunday Blessings To All!


  1. You out did yourself this year with these fun and pretty red and white collections! Your old linsey woolsey is quite wonderful too. I would have rescued it as well as it is very unique. Your old box that houses the Christmas tree is awesome! What a cool find that was!!

    It is amazing that we are looking at the week before Christmas already. December has flown by again. Enjoy this week and all the festivities and fun that the holidays can bring. Thank-you too for the sweet Christmas card!

  2. lovely pieces! So sorry you got stuck very frustrating.

  3. I love all your red & white!
    Christmas blessing to you and your family.

  4. Just gorgeous! I especially love crates of any kind!The berries at the windows look fab. How do you keep them from wilting when they are up a week before the big day?

  5. It all looks great! I wasn't really feeling "it" this year, as I have had my hands on vintage Christmas for sales and such for 6-7 weeks already, but reading posts like yours gets me in the Christmas Spirit. Blessings to you and yours

  6. You are so good at putting things together! Really liking the red and white.

  7. I love the red and white and the Santas. You have such a wonderful collection of primitive decor, I just thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos.

  8. Beautiful as always, love seeing your special touches. Sorry you got stuck it's always a pain when you are needing to get someplace. Hope to get into store soon and take in the special touches.

  9. Hi Janice,
    Have so enjoyed all of your lovely red and white this year!!
    You KNOW I LOVE RED!! Looking forward to your Santas!!!
    Hope you stay safe AND WARM!!!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Janice!!
    Christmas Hugs~


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