Friday, December 15, 2017

Red And White Part Two

Let it Snow
Let It Snow
Let it Snow.
And snow it did.
Six inches of the white stuff fell.
The river was foggy and the freighters were
blowing their horns.

Unfortunately I did not enjoy it,
as yesterday I had to drive my mom 
to my great aunts funeral.
My gramma B's last sibling passed away.
Auntie Clara as we called her was 101 years old.
She was the last of her generation.
My mom is now the oldest of the next generation.
She is 83.

Auntie Clara was a fun full of life person.
She lived through many many firsts.
From horse drawn carriages to cars.
Seeing a man land on the moon.
Computers, cell phones and even television.
Fast food restaurants, freeways and airplanes.
So many things were invented during her life.
We will miss your smile Auntie Clara.
Until we meet again.

Back to my red and white themed room.
Part Two
{the decor}


Stacked in our pumpkin pine cupboard.

I love rescuing quilts.

If they are either red/ white

or blue

They usually come home with me.

Next is my lil' vignette.
{not sure where that purple line came from}

A candy cane candle in front of a
White Christmas song sheet.

Vintage enamel gasoline numbers.
These were the numbers used for gasoline prices;
before the digital signs came into being.

Taking center stage with a tiny mini white lighted tree,

and Santa pillow.

Here's hoping Santa does stop here
on the 25th.

Post Snowy Blessings To All!


  1. Oooh I love your vignettes. I do that as part of my decorations. (Take a look at my blog if you get time.) I really like your style and those quilts are just fab!

  2. I feel the same way about quilts...thank you for your love of quilts and giving them a special place in your home; they do add charm to your Christmas decor.

  3. Thank you for sharing all your holiday decorations. I appreciate the time and effort it takes. Love all your vignettes and all your wonderful primitives/antiques. It is so fun to see how other people decorate.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Love the quilts and vignettes! Yes, "until we meet again" - the reason for this season!

  5. Hi Janice,
    I'm so sorry for your loss of your Auntie Clara, especially during this time of year! She certainly lived a long and full life and saw much!! I'm sure you learned a lot from her! So thankful we have that Blessed Hope of seeing our loved ones again!!
    Your quilts are just lovely as well as all of the other little vignettes!! I just love all those touches of RED!!
    Hope you stay warm with all that snow!! Be safe, too!
    Christmas Hugs~

  6. Janice, I am sorry to hear about your beloved Aunt Clara. How wonderful she had such a full life and you had time to enjoy her for many years as well.

    Your continued red and white theme is just perfect for the holidays! I love all of lovely old quilts and they make a great collection to use and enjoy. Your vintage White Christmas sheet music reminds me of the one we had growing up on our piano. Christmas is truly a time of so many wonderful memories and having the family mementos to enjoy again and again.

    Have a cozy and warm weekend. The weather sounds quite chilling up your way. While we have been enjoying cold weather for Florida the past one week, it is supposed to zoom back up to 80 come Tuesday. At least we had a nice interlude for enjoying a fire in the fireplace and some hot chocolate!

  7. Funerals are no fun and I'm sorry for your loss. How blessed she lived to 101! So did my Granny and I still miss her dearly.
    Really love all your lovely blankets!


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