Saturday, December 30, 2017

My New Years Wish

So the night I went to pick up Bob at the store,
and head up to my mom's for my uncle's funeral...
as I neared the store, my brake light,
traction light, and some other light came on.
Oh and my windshield washers stopped working.
Major electrical problems.
I was so worried about breaking down that
we ended up taking our cargo van to my mom's.
Thursday afternoon, I ended up purchasing a new vehicle.
Bob sold my car to someone who can fix it.
He did not want me to be stranded in a 10 year old car.
Now I have a spanking new Chevy Equinox.
It is AWD (all wheel drive)
It has snowed each day I have had it now,
and it drives wonderful.
It is a Silver Ice color and even came with a pinstripe.
I feel classy now.

Since our candy store is on hold now, we used the money
that we saved for that as a down payment on the car.
I always say there is a reason for everything,
so maybe we were suppose to have a car before candy. 
Hopefully once the issue with the building is fixed...
we will have enough money to pursue the candy store again.
I will keep you posted.

As the year 2017 comes to an end,
I would like to extend my
New Year's Wish to you all.
More like wishes.

I am blessed to have friends like you.
Friends who make me laugh, giggle and smile.
My wish for you is that you do the same.
Remember to turn that frown upside down and smile.

My wish is that we can all live in peace and harmony. 
Let's end the negativity and difficulties and 
rejoice in our accomplishments and prosperity.

My wish is that we remain hopeful in our future.
Forget the past and revel in many greater tomorrows.

Remembering the simplistic life of my 
forefathers and foremothers...
my wish is that we all take the time to smell the roses.

Thank you for following along on my journey.
You are the best friends!!!
More to come in the new year.

My final wish is that you all have a fantastic
Let the celebration begin!

New Years Wishes Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    So sorry for your car trouble, but so happy you now have a new one!! Glad you could turn that negative into a positive!! Thanks for all the great many good reminders for us to enjoy life!! Wishing you all of the same, my friend!!
    New Year Hugs~
    Julie xo

  2. New Year's blessings to you and hubby, too.
    Congrats on the new vehicle. It's a major investment but so nice to have peace of mind.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Janice, I am so happy that you got a new car that is reliable with the kind of weather you are having in Michigan!! It sounds just perfect for your needs too.

    Happy New Year wishes to you and Bob!! And a huge Thank-you for giving all of us so many fun posts and a chance to share with you. It is always a pleasure to stop by and see what is happening up in your area of the country. And I do love that you share your collections with us and all the fun shows and sales that you attend. It is so much fun for me as well as a learning experience. Now when I am putting things together in my own house, I immediately think about the 1-3-5 rule!! LOL!! New Year's feels like a new beginning and I always look forward to the new year rolling out. It is a great time to try new ideas and make plans to learn new things. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh my!! you got so much trouble with your car.. hope with the new car everything will be fine.. Happy new year.. love and hug..

  5. So glad you have a nice safe car. Have a wonderful New year.

  6. Sorry about your car but happy for the new safer car. Many blessings and good health wished for you all this year and love reading and enjoying photos on your blogs

  7. Wishing you and Bob a blessed 2018!

  8. Thank you for the wishes, and Happy New Year all Year. I feel like you do about my online friends, they are precious to us.

  9. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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