Monday, September 4, 2017

More Bedroom Pics

Happy Labor Day all!
Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful
Holiday Weekend!
I spent my weekend creating a few more
goodies for the show which is this Saturday.
Grilling on the barbie every evening,
and relaxing with a beer or two. :-)

As promised here is part two of our
Autumn themed bedroom.

Heavy picture post.

Wide view of the next corner.

Shoe last on top of the suitcase.
Rye basket just behind the wood hand form.

An industrial sewing bobbin peeking
through my flowers.

I so love adding in flower arrangements.
They make me happy.
{Faux flowers to keep my kitties safe}

The jars to the right hold some of my buttons.
Just in front of the jars is a huge twine bundle.
I have had this for many many years.

I was drawn to this black suitcase once I saw the label.

Back in the day, suitcases that went aboard a ship,
were tagged with the shipping line.
For those who are not aware of the White Star Line,
it was the same company that the Titanic was from.

Looking directly at the pine dresser.

Lil blue calico dress.

Corner chair.

Pillow that I stitched.

Top of the dresser filled will sewing related items.

My precious doll with her kitty.

Ball of thread nearby.

Sewing related items.

I had to remove this mirror from the grouping.

As I was taking pictures I realized this mirror
was in direct line with the hanging one I had placed
on the opposite wall.
For those in the antique world...we NEVER
place mirrors facing each other.
It is known to form a portal for ghosts. 

This is the other mirror hanging.

I do not need more ghosts in my house, 
other than the gentlemen we already have.
Yes I have a ghost that lives with us.

I hope you enjoyed the second part of my bedroom.

Have a great Week my friends!

Labor Day Blessings To All!


  1. I very much enjoyed your bedroom decoration tour! Your pillow that you stitched is really neat and I love all of the vintage shoe items. Perfect for a bedroom. It has been another hot and humid day down here and we Floridians are keeping our eye on Hurricane Irma as she hurls across the Atlantic!!

  2. Wow you really did a great job decorating the bedroom! It looks like a lot of care and love went into it. I love the sewing theme.

  3. I am in love with that basket of flowers! Cute :)

  4. loved the photos as always and your attention to the details. Love the sewing theme


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