Friday, September 22, 2017

Holly Goodies

The last weekend of September is upon us.
Although the weather will be more like Summer,
thoughts of making pumpkin bars are on my mind.
Tomorrow the grands will be here....
so we might just spend the day at the beach.

Thank you to all who visited my skeleton post
 and left comments.
I read each and every one to Bob and he was so
appreciative as we spent many months deciding what
and how to decorate our window.
He was grinning ear to ear.

Tonight I wanted to show you the goodies
I brought home from our prim show a few weeks back.

Those who have followed me for a long time
know I love baskets.
I simply could not leave this one
 for someone else to scoop up.

Nice old wood handle and a big gathering basket.
{perfect to leave on the floor}

This red check linsey woolsey blanket will look good
on the guest bed for the holidays. 

Early stockings from Bobbie over at the 
Evening Stitcher blog.
I love these Bobbie!

I purchased this pillow from our host of the show.
Thanks Dawn!

Blue rag ball.

Arnette red/ cream stockings.

Our home is filled with prim furniture...
so when we something we want to keep,
another piece has to be moved out.
Our van was full when we got to the show.
We even purchased an early white cabinet
at a local antique shop
 after setting up for the show on Friday.
When the New York dealer came in on Saturday morning
before the show...
we saw this red cabinet and fell in love.
Problem was we were not sure it would fit into our van.
Bob said let's wait and see if we sell any furniture,
and if its there...then it was meant to be.
Well needless to say, we did NOT sell any furniture.
Not often does Bob want a piece of furniture,
but this one he wanted.

Fortunately, Bob knows how to pack....
and pack he did.
We sold lots of smalls, so that freed up some bins.
Bob packed so good that our van was packed
more after the show than before.
We had stuff between us packed so much,
we could not see each other.
Then Bob placed lots of stuff on me, and buckled me in.
We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies inside. LOL
But this red cabinet came home...
and the blue one above is now for sale in the store.

This one goes better with our reds in the living room.
Love the boot jack legs and the color is so very rich!
I will never doubt again that Bob can pack a van.
He is the 
M A S T E R   P A C K E R

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Holly Goodie Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    I LOVE your purchases and would have brought them home, too! Baskets are a weakness, as you know, and so is RED, so would have made room for both the basket and cupboard!! My hubby Jeff is also a master packer and he and Bob would make a great team!! So happy you sold some and bought some! Win/Win!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Janice, I would say that Bob's master packing skills are enviable by many!! What a fantastic job he did to be able to bring home your new red cabinet. I do love all of the other prims that you found and brought home as well. That basket sure caught my eye and heart! It is a true beauty. Glad you were able to sell lots of smalls too. It must feel very rewarding to have others enjoy what you have to offer. Good vintage items are hard to find these days!

    Enjoy your time this weekend with the grands, and I might add that pumpkin bars would be hit even if the temps reach summer highs. I mean, who doesn't love pumpkin bars??!! LOL!!! Plus it sounds like the perfect treat for all of Bob's hard packing.

  3. Every thing looks great, Janice! I love your home...glad you like the little stockings!! I love that little whitewash cupboard...have a great weekend!! Did you go to Springfield yet?


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