Thursday, September 7, 2017

Finishing Touches

Good evening friends.
Gosh what do I say?
Hurricane Harvey devastated our country.
I even had a few friends with homes that were flooded.
Now this massive Hurricane Irma 
churning its way up to devastate Florida 
and even Georgia.
I have friends and family in both states.
Then the wildfires in the West.
I have family in Utah as well.
Please pray for everyone.
Maybe if we all say a prayer, God may move that
hurricane away from land.

For now, let me take your mind away for just a wee bit.
Let me show you a few remainder items I finished up.
Bob and I leave in the morning for our prim show
in Holly, Michigan which is Saturday.

I like to pin my work before I stitch.

Pumpkins were once again on my mind.

Using some lace remnants I had for his mouth.
He is a bit stuck up with his nose curled. LOL

I decided to make black leaves....
to look more like dead ones once the frost hits.

Then I stitched some more black fabric all around this mat.
More of a Halloween black and orange look,
with a brown print background.
I really like how this one turned out.

Then I did one more witch pillow.
She is holding a pumpkin in one hand.
A magical flower in the other.

Finally this mat came about as my kitties
looked like they were on parade themselves one day.

With the corn moon this month,
I decided to have the man in the moon watching over.
A lil purple patch and orange pumpkin finish this one.

Bob and I are off in the morning.
Our van is full of prims to vend.
A few different ones might jump into the van back.
That is if I see something that tickles my fancy.

Hope everyone can enjoy their weekend.
For my friends and family in Fl and Ga,
I will be watching the weather every chance I can.
Stay safe and evacuate if you are told to.
You can acquire new possessions,
but you cannot get another life.

Finishing Touch Blessings To All!


  1. HI Janice, your handwork projects are just fantastic!! I love them all. Are any of them for sale? I hope you and Bob have a good weekend with your show and I will be curious to see if you find some special prims that need to come home with you!!

    Yes, we are prepared to weather this big storm up here in north Florida. We are all praying that the storm weakens before landfall and continues to weaken quickly once it reaches land. Everyone here in Florida is so worried about our state and all of our friends and families here. Thank-you for your prayers and concerns. We need as many prayers as possible.

  2. Hi Janice, all the things are beautiful..

    hope everyone will be safe.. praying for them..

  3. Hi Janice, Love all of your fall projects, I would love to attend the show. I know you will do well. Hugs, Lecia


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