Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Log Cabin Christmas

Yeah I know Janice...
"Why are you rushing the season?"
In my defense I have to be ahead of the game,
because our customers will start bugging Bob
right after Halloween when will my Christmas goodies
be in the store.

At least I have a story to go with this post.

My inspiration came from two things.
My mom and my log cabins in our home.

Grandpa B worked in the assembly line for a factory,
while gramma B was a seamstress.
Back in the mid 1940's
gramma and grandpa moved their family

from the city to the country.
They saved enough up to purchase an 80 acre farm.
When they first arrived to their farm,
there was a well worn run down cabin
that greeted them.
My mom being the eldest in the family
and her sister one year younger hated the cabin.

My mom told me that they lived in that run down cabin
for almost two years whilst the farmhouse was being built.

Gramma and grandpa decided to start a dairy farm.
So the first Spring was spent getting the cabin ready
to be lived in and to put up the barn and chicken coop.
Mom said that they lived with mice and snakes for a bit.

Mom and aunt slept in the loft,
while gramma and grandpa and uncle who was a small child
slept on the first floor as the cabin only had one room.

Now you can imagine cabin living.
Dark at night with only kerosene lamps lit.
Cold in the Winter.
Grammas feather ticks were welcome that Winter.
{my sister and I even snuggled up in the farmhouse with one}

That first Christmas on the farm was far different 
than what they ever had in the city.
You see grandpa still commuted to his factory job.
He lived with my gramma's sister in the city,
and came to the farm on weekends.
He did this for a very long time.
Gramma was in charge of both the animals and the household...
until my mom and sister took over some
of the work when they got a bit older.

That first farm Christmas was a hard one.
Presents were hand made clothes
 made by gramma, and fruit was in their stockings.
Although with 80 acres of land, 
they were able to chop down their own Christmas tree.
No lights though.
Just paper garlands that they made and candycanes.
The ornaments however were hand me downs
from Poland that were passed down from grammas family.
Now for those who are not familiar 
with Polish Christmas ornaments, 
they are quite prized now.
Both Germany and Poland ornaments
 are the most collectible.
My mom still has some.

Sometimes I took for granted what my parents
 provided me, my sister and brother,
but now that I am older, I understand they gave us
everything we needed....most of what was 

     That first Christmas in the cabin
was all about love too.
I am sure gramma lovingly made those clothes
 for her children.
While grandpa sacrificed to provide food at their table.

So as we start to begin thinking about Christmas ourselves,
take the time to remember your own Christmas past,
and how your family provided for you.

For those interested in my Log Cabin Christmas pillow,
it is for sale.
Just email me if you would like one.

This is currently in my hoop now.
I was thinking about snow this past weekend with the
extreme temps we were having here in Michigan.
My way of cooling down. LOL

Log Cabin Christmas Blessings To All!


  1. I refuse to think about Christmas, though I know I should be working on presents since I ALWAYS run out of time.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Oh christmas will sneak up on us soon enough we didn't have a lot growing up but it was always fun.

  3. I really enjoyed this log cabin story. In Three Oaks MI there is a log cabin south of town. It has one original room downstairs and a loft. A stove in the center of the cabin. We romanticize that living now but I would have a problem with snakes and mice! Thanks for sharing the memories.

  4. I love log cabins, such a beautiful story. Hugs, Lecia

  5. This is a beautifully written post and I really enjoyed it. Beautiful photos/creations.

  6. I love your story. Rough times make for great memories. :)

  7. Enjoyed your story. Log cabins are such a part of our country's history.

  8. What a wonderful story of your Mom's family living in the log cabin on their new farm. I love log cabins and while I know my view is purely idealistic, they always seem to tell about love, cooperative living, and hope. Sending you an email about the pillow!!

  9. Love your story it sounds lovely, lucky lady to have these memories


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