Monday, September 11, 2017

Final Bedroom Pics

Happy that Monday at work is over for me.
Was a busy day.
I was constantly watching Irma wherever I could
all weekend. 
Although she is not done with her destructive path,
at least the worst is over...I hope.

Our show was a success.
Had great fun chatting it up with friends
Janet, Earlene, Bobbie, and Marsha.
Also enjoyed a few of our customers who came.
Thanks for stopping by Barb, Nancy, Ruth and Diane.
It was great seeing you!

Thank you Dawn for being a great hostess to us.
Without you, there would be no show.

We bought two cabinets for our home.
It was a tight fit, but hubby Bob sure knows how to pack
a van...and pack he did. 
Because we did not sell any furniture,
we were not sure everything was going to fit.
We had stuff between us to the roof of the van,
and Bob even piled stuff on my lap. 
I did squeeze a few things into the van for myself too.
{will show in a future post}

For now here are the latest pics of the guest bedroom.

{Heavy Picture Post}

Looking into the bedroom from the hall.

Hard to find blue spongware pitchers.

A favorite Kitty made from an old quilt.
I have always loved these colors.

A very special chair.
It was mine when I was a child.

Continuing with my pear theme.
The blue striped blanket is a linsey woolsey one.

Picture above is an early 1800's dress pattern,

Another linsey woolsey center seam blanket.
This one in gold and white.
Perfect for Fall.

Wide view of this side of the room.

Sneaked a pear inside this wreath.

One of my favorite stoneware crocks.

Another fabric pear I made,
paired (no pun intended)
with some ticking, piece of coverlet and bowl.

More fabric pears inside this flax winder.
Flax is what linen is made from.

Area between the closet and bedroom door.

Do you spot my horse to the right in the hall?

Here it is at the end of our hall.

Trio of benches with sewing items.

View looking at closet.

Forgot to show you my angel hanging from the door knob.
Maybe if you enlarge the pictures, 
you might be able to see her.

Well that is all of the bedroom.
Bob and I are off to our semi annual buying trip
for our store this weekend.
Leaving on Thursday.
Next weekend I will start my Fall decor in our bedroom.
Stand by...there will be more to come.

Again hope everyone made it through alright with Irma.
Unfortunately I did hear someone passed away in GA.
My prayers go out to the family.

Final Bedroom Pic Blessings To All!


  1. Awesome!! stunning!! so, so beautiful decorations ..

  2. The bedroom looks beautiful, Janice! I love all the white, chippy prim furnishings you have! So nice to see you at the was a great time!!

  3. Hi Janice-- I love your bebdroom photos of the fall setup. The brown and white bedspread is gorgeous for Fall! The blue pottery pieces are beautiful too. It sounds like you had a fun weeeknd and I hope this coming weekend will be successful!

    We are. It done with Irma and so grateful to be in the other side of this awful storm. Locally we have lots of trees down, tree debris everywhere and local flooding. Compared to what many areas experienced, we were so lucky. Got lots of yard clean up to do in the next few days but just glad our house is all safe!

  4. Happy to hear your show was a success.
    Your guest room looks very inviting.
    Hugs :)

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  6. How wonderful that the show was a success and getting to see the ladies too!
    It is a fabulous guest bedroom! You really have a great eye for decorating. I love all the pears.
    hugs, jessica

  7. You have a wonderful collection of Primitives to decorate your home with. The guest room looks great.

  8. Hi Janice,
    Another beautiful decorating job!! Everything goes together perfectly and it looks so restful....just right for a bedroom!!! Glad the show was a success and hope your buying trip will be as well!!! Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  9. The kitty quilt is so creative and pretty :)

  10. Thank you for the peek into your room. I always enjoy your attention to the details. Have a spectacular buying trip


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