Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wrapped In Love

Good evening sweet friends.
I am both humbled and blessed
by everyone's comments on my last post.
As I read each comment to Bob,
my heart was filled with joy that so many
of you took the time to comment,
 and even liked our kitchen.
(Bob was smiling too)
It is your kind words that keep me going.
So many of my blogging friends have
disappeared and it means a lot that you all
still follow and comment.
Unfortunately I am not able to email
 some of you back.
Not sure what has happened with blogger,
but many of you come in as a no reply blogger,
so it's not that I do not appreciate your thoughts;
I am just unable to reply.

I hope everyone is enjoying your Hump Day. 

As promised here is my finished Valentine creation.

As a kid I went to a private school where
uniforms were mandatory. Insert the word
< Y U C K >
There were however a few occasions where 
we were allowed to wear a dress.
(yes I did say a dress)  Insert the word.
< Y I P E E >

I was so thrilled beyond thrilled,
that one of those days was
St. Valentine's Day.
Mom made all of my dresses back then,
and besides my Christmas dress,
I especially loved the Valentine ones
 she sewed for me.

It was always a surprise.
Some were red, others pink.
Some had lace, ribbons or hand made hearts attached.
Once I even had feathers at the collar,
the bottom and the end of the sleeves.
That one was my favorite!
It was a pale pink with white feathers.
I thought I was a movie star at the time.
I remember even wearing that one with a pink bonnet
and white little gloves at Easter.
Aahhh the love my mom poured into my dresses.

This Valentine's reminded me of those 
long ago dresses...
and how mom use to wrap me up in her love.
It is where I thought of my stitchery.
Wrapped In Love.

(Notice the Conversation Hearts?)
Am making these for our February
 window at the store. 
Will show you once done.

Do you have one particular story in which you
felt wrapped in love?

On another note:
please keep my cousin and her husband
who live in Georgia in your thoughts. 
I just found out last night that those horrible
tornadoes took their house.
My aunt's house and farm is directly to the North
of my cousins and her's was spared...
except for those gorgeous 
Southern Oaks with the Spanish Moss on them.
My cousin is alright, but they did lose a pet,
and fear the other one will not make it.
I am so thankful they are alright, and hope
their other dog makes it.

Wrapped In Love Blessings To All!


  1. What an amazing memory you shared! So very special. Love the heart you made.
    Be blessed,

  2. Hi Janice, so sad for your cousin - sending prayers her way and prayers for all affected. How sweet that your mom made special Valentine dresses for you - she sounds like she was an awesome mom. Jane

  3. Janice, that heart is a lovely and sweet tribute to the many hours your mom sewed beautiful dresses for you. My Mom used to sew dresses for me too and then add little embroidery touches on collars and cuffs. Thank-you for sharing these wonderful stories of your Mother and how she made your life so full of love and beauty! Prayers for your cousin and her family in Georgia.

  4. Beautiful memories. I love your heart creation!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. Such a sweet story of your dresses! Your heart pillow turned out so nice. You are very creative! Lori

  6. Amazing memoir.. My mom also used me sew my dresses, before going to college I wore dresses sewed by mom. I was so used to with handmade dresses, I didn't even like store brought dresses at that time.. :) :)..

    Hope everyone is fine after that horrible tornado.. prayer for them.. big hug...

    I'm following you... will you follow me back please?

    Please visit:

  7. I am very behind on my blog reading, sorry I have not been by to comment in a long time. I'm working on catching up though!

    You tell such wonderful stories. I think it's so neat your mom made your dresses! I love the heart you made, so pretty! The conversation hearts reminded me what we have no Valentine's Day decorations. So my daughter is getting busy making some paper conversation hearts to decorate our wall with. Thank you for the idea. :)

    I will pray for your cousin and her husband. I can't imagine losing a home like that. And losing a pet that way sounds really awful too. I hope their other one makes it. :( Prayers for all three!

  8. I was just hopping through blogs... I think any of blogger friends is following you.. from there I found your blog.. :).. Thanks a lot for following me back...

  9. So sorry about your cousins house, prayers. I always enjoy your blog and wonderful photos but many times cant comment. We're still here but sometimes silent. Keep on blogging.


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