Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine Present

Hello friends and Happy Valentine's day
to each and everyone of you!
I know each of you touch my heart every time you visit!

So what did you all get for this day of love?

I did not get flowers.
Nor did I get a boxful of chocolate.
My sweetie Bob gave me drywall.
W H A T ? ? ?

Yep, my friends, I got drywall and I am as excited as a
honey bee in a honey tree.

You see when I bought this house 15 years ago,
it was a run down Summer cottage.
An older lady lived here, but did not have the means
to keep it up.
I saw the potential, and the fact that it is a
small community where we have our own beach,
dock and 3 1/2 park.

This was pre Bob.
After my divorce and the kids moving out,
I sold my big house to move closer to the river.

It took many years just to get the outside looking presentable.
1. Huge trees that needed to be cut down.
2. Driveway to be taken out..broken cement everywhere.
3. Getting rid of the bats in the attic (smelly job)
4. Hauling in loads of dirt. (5 truckloads) 
to even out the yard.
5. New landscaping in back and grass seed.
6. Getting rid of barberry shrubs (snake heaven)

After about a year after Bob came into my life,
we started to redo the house one room at a time.
We only have the kitchen and bath left.
So I love it that he surprised me with drywall.
I don't like the dust that goes with it though.

The ceiling is finished and sanded.

One more wall to go.
Then it will be painted a farmhouse white.
The same as our kitchen cabinets.
The white reminds me of gramma B's kitchen,
so you could say I am going back to my roots.
Even the blue wall where I do my CupboardScapes
will be painted white.
Soon I hope.......

Because dust is everywhere.


And everywhere.
But it will all be worth it in the end.

I had to warn my mom though.
We have no table and chairs right now.
They are in our back room..no room there now.
Dinner out tomorrow night.
She is coming tomorrow to spend the evening 
with us as we have a funeral on Thursday.
My gramma B's sister passed.
She was 92, and lived a good full life.

Like I said before, no flowers or chocolate,
but the love that Bob brings to each room,
makes it all worth the while.
I love coming home each night to a home
filled with love.

Drywall Dust Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice, drywall sounds like a great gift to me! Lucky you to get more projects completed, it's wonderful isn't it? That drywall dust is awful, like you said, it gets into EVERYTHING!!!!! What paint colour have you chosen for the white? (if you're up to sharing).

    So sorry to hear about your great aunt, she was one of the lucky ones to have such a long life.

    Happy Valentines! Kelly

  2. I with you I would like the dry wall if I was fixing up my house.
    and it is dusty we have been there before.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Missy Janice!! Ahhh....all you had to say was "drywall" and I immediately had flash-backs to WWR...That dust is all kinds of horrible nasty!!! I am still trying to clean it up down in the basement....Grrrrrr....and you just can't cover things well enough....and that sticky icky feeling when you try to clean it... Ok....thanks for the not-so-pleasant memories...but, yes, you're right, the "getting things taken care of" part is a wonderful gift.... Glad this year though my Mr. Crow stuck with traditional beautiful roses.... Smiles & Valentine Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Drywall sounds perfect. Happy valentines day and thanks for the bit of house history.

  5. It sounds like you two are making great progress in your home and I know you are so proud of the changes you've made. I've lived thru some dusty sheetrock projects, so I sympathize! No candy or flowers here either....we did enjoy lunch out.

  6. I am with you Janice, the things that mean the most are what have the most meaning to you at the time. How wonderful and fortunate you are that Bob can do so much of your renovations making your home into the FarmHouse of Prims that you always dreamed of. Fantastic!@! I can't wait to see all of the photos when you finish this project, I bet it is going to be wonderful!! Happy belated Valentine's Day as well. I responded back to you on the doll purchase so just send me an invoice. I love your handcrafted Prims!!


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