Sunday, February 12, 2017

Change Is Good

Afternoon everyone!
Bob and I had an awesome time yesterday.
For those who are not lucky enough to visit
Frankenmuth, MI...
let me tell you what our family style dinner
consisted of over at the Bavarian Inn.
First of all the entire waitstaff dresses in
German attire, including their hats.

Our first course is chicken noodle soup
with stollen bread (fruited bread) and their jam of the month.
This time it was strawberry rhubarb.

Second course was chicken salad, coleslaw,
applesauce and cranberry relish.

Followed by their famous lightly breaded fried chicken,
mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing,
 buttered noodles  and hubbard squash.

Oh yeah, and for dessert you get ice cream.
Bob and I both chose a swirl
(orange sherbert and vanilla soft serve)

You are allowed as much of the 2nd courses and main courses
that you are able to eat.
We literally almost had to roll ourselves outta there.

Then we went off to buy some more of that
awesome stollen bread and jam.
Egg noodles and chicken seasoning for my
own chicken noodle soup.

We then went to the cheese haus, for cheese,
summer sausage and pita crackers.

Then Bob had to have his taffy fix.
A boxful of different flavors,
while I got a tub of chocolate caramel popcorn.
Sweet and salty. YUM

So while we were driving up, Bob says to me.
I think you should put that table in our bedroom.
See I had bought this small early side table last weekend,
with the intention of selling it.
When Bob suggested that it might fit in our bedroom,
I might at that.

This is what I had before the change.

Side view of the built in closet.

Prim winder on the floor.

So before Bob went to the store, 
he placed it in there...and by george he was right!

New table.

The knob on the drawer is a wood spool. 

Then I added this white/ blue coverlet piece.

For those who asked...
Now I am going to give you a little secret on decorating.
My design teacher always told us,
the secret to decorating is the
1  3  5  Rule.
Never decorate with 2 or 4 items.

I will do 3 items on this table.
The coverlet does not count as an item.
It is just a statement piece for the table.
This design would also work without the coverlet.

First item is this wrought iron candleholder.

Second item this wax sealer.

Together on the table.
See two items does not make a statement.

Even when I add the white tulips,
still not good.
(and no tulips do not count as an item)
Nor do the candles since they are on the 1st item.

Added the small stoneware pitcher in front.
Three always is the best.

If you notice I also have 3 items on the small peg
above the table.  2 bonnets and a rug beater.

When decorating your own home,
just remember the 1  3  5 rule.
I will talk about the 1 and 5 later on.

Hope this helps a bit for now.

Change Is Good Blessings To All!


  1. I love Frankenmuth...the only thing is....once I get to the main course...I'm too full to eat it!! I'm a "3" rule girl....things in 3 for me.....Have a great day! Love your table!

  2. Beautiful Janice - and a great rule to remember! I have never been to Frankenmuth, but it sounds wonderful. Jane

  3. I have fond memories of Frankenmuth!

  4. Wow, Janice, what a fun and delicious day your had with Bob!! Your German dinner sounded fabulous too. Yum!! Thank-you for that design tip and I can see exactly what you are talking about. Your new little table is a cutie with that spool drawer knob. Is that the cat's meow or what?!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos as they are always fun and beautiful.

  5. Good Morning, Janice. I shared your post with my husband as he is from Michigan and always loved to visit Frankenmuth. The food sounds absolutely delicious. John's grandmother was German and he has fond memories of her growing rhubarb and also making her own egg noodles.
    I adore the little side table you have shown decorated. Thanks for sharing about accessorizing too!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Hi Janice,
    Yes, I have enjoyed that same meal at Frankenmuth and it still sounds wonderful!! So happy you have a lovely AND delicious time!! Love your new table and I too, follow the "rules" of decorating! Great tutorial, my friend!!
    Enjoy your week, AND that caramel corn!! Yum!!
    Heart Hugs~


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