Friday, February 3, 2017

What A Crock

Happy TGIF everyone!
WOOHOO for the Weekend!
It will be a busy one for me,
so I figured I would get this post out to you now
before Bob brings home our pizza for dinner.

Wanted to show you these crocks
and ginger beer bottles.
They will be off to our show at the
Holly, Michigan prim show soon.

I simply love how wonky looking this one is.

You can really see this one was hand turned.
A nice one for sure.

2 Gallon crock.

3 Gallon one is the wonky one.

I already have a solid ovoid like this one.
I use mine for different faux flowers 
throughout the seasons.

Ginger Ale use to come in these crocks
before the invention of the glass bottle.

I have a small collection of these myself.

Made a small display until these go off to the show.
Will enjoy for a little bit. :-)

I was wondering if anyone would like me to write
a few posts on how I learned how to create displays.
I have been thinking about it lately, and wanted
to run it by all of you to see if you would be interested.

Well, off to eat my yummy pizza.
Have a great weekend my friends!!!
Weekend Blessings To All!


  1. I would enjoy reading how you learned to create displays. We recently moved into a new house and I'm not feeling inspired.

  2. Some sweet crocks there Missy Janice...but I'm partial to the wonky one....of course I would be! Hope you enjoyed your you have me hungry...again lol! Happy weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Nice crocks. I sure wish we lived closer to come visit your antique shop! Maybe a road trip someday. I have never seen the ginger ale crocks, so interesting! Yes, please tell us about your display making.

  4. Love your crocks, they are gorgeous!

  5. Great crocks! Ginger jars are new to me but they are very interesting. I would love to find one for myself so will keep an eye out. I hope you will post some photos of your weekend Prim show. I bet it is going to be awesome!! Have a great show.

  6. Please pass on display tips⚘⚘

  7. Hi Janice, It's Mildred from Georgia. I followed you years ago and recently discovered you again via Christine's blog. I have just started a new blog. I love these crocks. We have several pottery studios near us and I love visiting and watching the potter work. I would love for you to share your display tips. I have many pretty and sentimental items but no idea how to display them.

  8. p.s. meant to share with you that recently we splurged and ordered a pizza. We rec'd the wrong pizza and it was so HOT and SPICY! It must have had 15 diff. toppings, including pineapple. Whoever ended up with our plain Jane pizza must have been disappointed! lol


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