Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Blue Cold Winter Nights

Good evening sweet friends.
Well Bob and I are off this weekend for 
much needed time off.
Going to spend some time visiting our
favorite haunts (antique stores)
in the Thumb area of Michigan.
Plan on eating the famous chicken dinner
which put Frankenmuth, MI on the map.
Finally ending up at my mom's to spend
an evening with her and take her out for
an Valentine's Day dinner.
Getting away from the Winter blues.

While I thought of the name of this post,
it reminded me of cold Winter's nights
spent at gramma H's farmhouse.
After dinner she would make everyone
homemade hot chocolate. 

We would then gather around the table
and drink away...while warming up.
My mom and dad, sister, brother, gramma and I.
Hot cocoa was always sweeter when gramma made it!

Afterwards, our tradition would be playing Canasta.
Canasta is a card game.
The partners were always my mom and dad,
and gramma and I.
My sister and brother would go off and play
with their toys and watch tv. 

Gramma and I were always partners
in this card game. She was a sly partner at that.
Sneaky was more like it.
She would hold all of her cards and when she
knew she could win the game, she would
lick her thumb, make a fist and knock on the table.
Then show her cards out like a poker hand.

It was always amusing how she did it.
Sometimes she really got into the game and would
shout out a bad 4 letter word, cover her mouth
and say "Pardon my French" 
She was of French and German descent.
It was funny hearing my gramma swear.
We would play cards until bedtime. 

Bedtime had its own routine.
My sister and I would traipse upstairs,
get our jammies on while gramma got ready 
in the upstairs bathroom. 
She would come out in her flannel nightie.
Her hair would be in corn rollers and would
 be wrapped inside her nightcap.
She would first tuck us in under the quilts,
then she would open the window and have a cigarette.
(gramma took up smoking after grandpa passed)
Once she was finished with her smoke,
she would go to her dresser and grab the Vasoline.

A finger full of Vasoline always went into her mouth.
She told us that eating it helped not to get a cold.
Y U C K 
D O U B L E   Y U C K

She then turned off the light and joined
 us in bed for the night.
My sister and I always slept with gramma 
after grandpa passed until she sold her farmhouse.
Cold Winter nights were always warmer
at gramma H's.

How do you get over the Winter blues?

Cold Winter Night Memories To All!


  1. I've never heard of Vaseline in the mouth. I'm with you - YUCK!
    You have some wonderful crocks.

  2. I love to hear stories, thank you for sharing

  3. I wish you two a very relaxing weekend. My husband John is from MI and still has family there. I know you will enjoy your chicken dinner! How sweet to spend time with your Mom. I enjoyed your memories of your grandma. Too cute about her playing cards! Have safe travel and enjoy. xo Mildred

  4. Vaseline in the mouth...ooooo gag!
    Cute story though!

  5. Hi Janice,
    Love all those blue crocks you have!! Always enjoy your stories! Have never heard of using Vaseline that way but I have heard about rubbing it on your feet and then covering them with socks before sleeping to help with a bad cough!
    Hope you have a fun and restful getaway!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Beautiful memories of you and your Gramma at her farmhouse. So sweet! I love your blue crocks too and all those prim dolls. Have a wonderful day just wandering to your favorite haunts and visiting your mom for dinner. Everyone needs a Saturday like that to renew and rejuvenate!


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