Saturday, January 7, 2017

What Did You Do

Happy Saturday everyone!
Its a cold one here in Michigan.
I went to the grocery store early and the temp
was only a whopping 8 degrees.
Thankfully Bob stoked a fire in the fireplace
and I am toasty inside.

Awhile back I came home one day to find this.

My primitive chair that a good friend of mine had made...
was...well how do I put it in a nice way.


Clawed up big time.

So there was a line up of the suspects.
I will let you decide by their responses.

Notice both sides were clawed up.
Ace did you do this?
Don't know what you are talking about mom.
I was just checking in out myself.

Peepers you look guilty with your head down.
I swear mom I did not do it either.

Which leaves Shadow.
What did you do Shadow?
Mom I'm too cute to do something like that.

Well guess what guys...daddy Bob caught you in the act.
Two of you are guilty of this crime.
So I suggest you fess up.
Nobody would rat on each other,
so I finally spent this morning fixing my prim chair.

Shadow tried to help me by grabbing the thread.
Guess he must have felt guilty. 
Hint Hint

 I went into my fabric stash and sewed in a couple
of is of course a prim chair.

Finished finally and placed my little quilt back on.

A sweet pinwheel design.

Now off to finish laundry and work on some hearts.
Hope the weekend finds you doing something you enjoy!
Oh yeah, if you picked Ace and Shadow...
they were the guilty parties.
They were sentenced to a life term 
right here in our humble home.
Do you think I would be able to really punish
these cuties!

What Did You Do Blessings To All!


  1. Well your patchwork turned out great!!! Loved the story, you always tell good stories Janice.
    I have a make-do chair spunky thinks is his scratching post but at least he stops if I catch him in the act.
    let me know when you and bob come to Jackson and we can meet for dinner, lunch, come here....whatever. Otherwise see you on March 18th....your going right?

  2. Love the fix. We are cold as well but the woodstove is humming happily in the basement.

  3. I like the fix too! See, they were just helping you....

  4. O my naughty kittehs Never !!! Must of been a stranger broke in and did such bad things, or at least that's what happens at my home . :) Miserable cold here in Ohio as well . I love your repair work , great job my friend ! <3

  5. Hi Janice, they look innocent to me. he he You did a wonderful job on the repairing. Love your chair, Hugs, Lecia

  6. Hahahaha!! Look at those faces of potential and convicted KitKats! Thankfully, Prim chairs were made to have multiple repairs and the more the merrier. Your repairs look like they are supposed to be there and all is well again. Those sneaky kitties better behave themselves next time!!

  7. That's why I love prim! Just add another patch ;)
    Blessings, Patti
    p.s. Your bandits are adorable!


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