Friday, January 20, 2017

Lets Try This Again

Good afternoon friends.
I am going to try this again.
Pics of our back room with a few more added.

I just love how our sectional fits in this room.

This cabinet holds our tv.
Notice my currently holds some of my
wool and fabric...things I am working on.

My desk corner with the railroad rack above.
These railroad racks would have been on passenger trains,
where passengers would place belongings on.
Much like the overhead compartments on planes.
There would be rows of these along each side of the train car.

Some of my crock collection.
The one on the left bottom is called a cake crock.
These were the first cake pans in the early days.

A better picture of our sectional and rug.

See how well our former side table 
looks as a coffee table now.

This dough box is one of our early pieces.
It is from the 18th century...1700's.
Original red paint.

A hay rake turned into a peg rack.
I am keeping my newest feather tree hear for my
Valentine hearts.

Corner with graduated yellow bowls.

Corner into our kitchen
This ladder holds some of my quilts,
while the 30 gallon crock holds all of my many
drawings of which hopefully I will make someday.

Close up of my blue white quilts.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend.
It will be a busy one for us.
Tomorrow night we are hosting our vendor
Christmas party...and yes I still have my
Christmas decor up...all but the back room.
So Sunday will be spent taking it down finally.


  1. I love your desk corner!
    Hugs :)

  2. Vendor Christmas Party sounds FUN!

  3. Hi Janice! Everything is looking beautiful - love your sectional and the fact that it has pattern!!! I also always love seeing your fabulous crock collection. Jane

  4. Hi Janice, I just love your home, everything is so gorgeous. I just love your desk and your collections of yelloware bowls and crocks. A prim lovers dream home.
    hugs, Lecia

  5. Wonderful pictures, Janice! Your sectional is beautiful as is the rug. Love your red dough box! Have a great Sunday. Lori


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