Saturday, January 28, 2017

January CupboardScape

Good morning friends.
Happy Saturday to you all!
Hope all is well.
This month's CupboardScape has a bit of snow in it.
Here in our part of Michigan we are suppose to have had
 at least 40 inches by now. 
Although we did get a dusting overnight,
we are at about 13 inches right now...
and before this morning there was no snow to be seen.

Although I am not a huge fan of snow,
it does seem a bit odd to see grass this time of year.
Is this part of global warming?
I am not sure, so I decided to make snow inside. :-)

This is how I imagine myself as a child
on gramma B's farm.
Making snowmen in the yard, 
and walking in the woods in and around
all of her pine trees. 
Green spruce, red pine and blue spruce.

I loved playing in the snow with my red mittens.
It was a magical time.
Seeing at all of the different animal tracks in the snow.
The cows, horses, chickens, deer, and bunnies.
Watching the horses romp and play in it.
Watching the chickens scratch in it.
Occasionally seeing a deer in between the cows
eating their food together.
Oh and the birds.
The cackle of the Blue jays, the caws of the Crows,
Chickadees, Cardinals and Northern Mockingbirds.

This particular snowman was built by my dad.
I will treasure him forever!

For my friends who also find themselves with no snow,
I hope this brings a bit of joy to you today.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Mine will be finishing up my Valentine piece.

Sticthing sewn to background,
with another strip of red on each side.

Leaves all pinned and ready to go.

Starting to add the stems.

Bunny approved!

Hope your weekend is full of whatever your hearts desire!

Snowy End Of January Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    Loved your post about your growing up in the snow, as well as your sweet vignette!! Love your big snowman and the one your dad made is certainly a treasure to cherish!!! Your stitched piece looks fun and is perfect for Valentine's Day!!
    I'm working on hearts and RED!!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Hi Janice, here in Va. we haven't even had any snow which is unusual, I don't like a lot of snow, but do miss not having any. I love all of your snowmen and your valentine project. hugs,Lecia

  3. Hi Janice, we're definitely getting the snow here too but not near as much as they were calling for. I love your CupboardScape, very cute! I look forward to seeing your completed Valentine's piece.

  4. I love your snowscape for January! It seems perfect for your area of the country with cold weather and some snow. Down here, all of my azaleas are in bloom because we had such an abnormal warm December and January. This weekend is chilly and I hope we don't have a big frost now that will kill all of the pretty flowers.

    Can't wait t to see your Valentine piece. It is getting prettier and prettier with every photo you share!

  5. Sweet cupboardscape...even if it has a snow them LOL (we have plenty of white stuff on the ground and you know that makes me cranky!!) Your Valentine piece looks wonderful...I just finished stitching a wee little the part I dislike...actually FINISHING it.... We'll see if I manage that before Valentine's Day. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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