Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day Five

And time to

So C'mon in...
and see more 
of our antique store.

Hope this tickles your fancy.
I wanted to de-clutter somewhat
with a clean look for our
January window display.

We kept the garland and snowflakes up.

Placed a few of my homemade snowman 
here and there.

Placed the blue cabinet in the corner.

With the glider horse on top.

White cabinet...
I so wish I had more room in our house,
as this one would be in there.
Alas cannot keep it all.

Oil lamps and a Freedom sign Bob made.

Snow fellas.

More snow fellas.

Up close and personal.

Blue stoneware and glass.

Not sure if I showed this before.
Bob took a child's size bed spring,
turned it upside down.
Hung the lights and snowflakes.

Well did I tickle your fancy?

On another note.
The furniture company called today,
and our sectional will be delivered next week.

Day Five Blessings To All!


  1. Your store looks very welcoming with all of the snow friends. Right now, your weather up there is definitely the land of the snow and cold these days, so these happy faced friends brighten up all of your spots here and there. For me, one of the greatest gifts of a store is when the owners make it feel like a place you want to be. When decorated for the seasons, it feels welcoming, fun, and inspiring. Immediately, I think about my own space and what I might do or add to make it feel the same way. Thanks for bringing your store to all of us here on your blog for fun and inspiration!

  2. My fancy was, indeed, tickled Janice! How I would love to visit your store in person one day.... I love that white cabinet...and the bed spring with the lights and snowflakes.... You had me immediately pondering where I could put one LOL... Alas, our ceilings are much too low. Stay's frigid out there these days! Smiles & Warm Hugs ~ Robin


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