Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Afternoon friends.
Last evening was a fun time
with our Christmas vendor party.
Good food and drinks were had by all.
We had a bit of a mishap though.
One of our friends sat in my great grandparents chair,
and if you guessed, it broke underneath him.
I had told another vendor not to sit in it as
I was afraid being over 150 years old it would break.
 Guess I should have made an announcement to all.
He was fine, just a bit embarrassed. 
The broken chair went home with another vendor.
She is going to make it into a towel rack.
I have one more chair left.
Next party it will be put into the bedroom out of sight.

Today I had planned on taking down the Christmas decor.
Woke up feeling blah..and the fog did not help.
So I decided instead to work on a creation
 I have been stitchin up. 

Wrapped in love will be made into a pillow
for our love seat.

Vines wrap around whatever they can,
so it was fitting I thought to have these in my design.
The vine will be in wooly greens.

Whilst the rest of the design will be in this red floral,
and red floral stripe.

I figured what better way to to spend 
the day doing something I love to do!
How are you spending your Sunday afternoon?

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon Blessings To All!


  1. so sorry about the chair but love the towel to pillow idea.

  2. Glad no one got hurt at the party. I hate taking down Christmas decor too, I am like you and would rather work on a craft project. Hope you feel better soon. hugs, Lecia

  3. What a shame your heirloom chair broke and I am glad nobody got hurt. Your current project looks quite interesting and I do love the colors you have chosen. I look forward to seeing the completed project.


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