Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2016

Saying hello to 2017.

2016 was a year of turmoil, stress, anxiety,
nervousness and even joy.

It was the year Bob found out he had prostate cancer...
and is now cancer free.

It was the year I received a call saying my daughter was
involved in a motorcycle accident...
thankfully she only broke her leg.

It was a year where I thought I might lose my job...
but ended up winning an award for being one of the best in the country in my position,
and given a paid vacation to Kansas City.

It was one where we lost many friends and family members...
now we will have the memories to share until we meet again.

Now as I look at 2016, I realize it was still a wonderful year.

One where our business grew.

One where we celebrated my nephews wedding
in North Carolina.

One where we visited many friends and family,
making new memories along the way.

One in which we were able to add a new outdoor living space,
remodeled our bedroom and now in the midst of changing
up our back room.

The pictures above where what our back room looked liked.
Below is the new color scheme.

Benjamin Moore
Moonshine for the walls.
Lampblack for the trim.
The ceiling same color as our bedroom..but forgot the color.
It was an off white.

Our Christmas present to each other.
A new sectional to be delivered in the New Year.
Mid January to be exact.

New wood floor to be installed right over the old one.
(we are hoping the extra layer will make it warmer)

Tonight we are off to look at an area rug.

Then once everything is done...
the fun begins again in 2017.
Most of the cupboards will stay.
Just placed in a different way.
Mixed in with a few surprises.

I already love the new lighter look.
The colors are the latest Greiges that are out there.
A mixture of gray and tans. 
It is more of a farmhouse look, but not the whites
that most folks are using for that look.
I always have been a bit out of the box type of person.

I look forward to sharing what I have in store
for this room for Valentines.
I promise it will not be the normal Valentine look,
but my own primitive style.

Will you miss 2016 or are you looking forward to 2017?

Saying goodbye to 2016 Blessings To All!


  1. It was a big year for you! It was a good year for us

  2. It is always interesting to reflect back on a year and take in all that happened. We never know what lies ahead. Your new back room renovations are looking mighty spiffy and I can't wait to see it when completed! Blessings to you for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

  3. Merriest of Belated Christmas Wishes to you and Bob, Janice. I, for one, will bid 2016 a hearty farewell...although I know that there are no guarantees that 2017 will be kinder...and am still grateful for the blessings amongst the thorns that this year has held. Love the changes your making in your "back" room....Seems so much calmer, and more tranquil somehow.... Can't wait to see the finished project! If I don't get back here before, Happy New Year!! Hope it is filled with all the things your heart desires.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Janice, even through the hardships we can always count our blessings. Glad your daughter and hubby are fine and that you didn't loose your job. Your remodeling is beautiful, can't wait to see what you will be doing in 2017. Hugs, Lecia


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