Monday, December 12, 2016

Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited 
to show off our new bedroom to you all.
We worked throughout the day yesterday
to complete the look.
What I thought would work....well sometimes did not.
We moved furniture in and out from various parts
of our home to get it just right.

Bob has been like a proud peacock...
shouting all thru the house.
I love my bedroom!
 I have to echo his sentiment.

I will show the four corner before & afters first,
then some random ones.





Before (see a bit of our old Edison bulb light)




Early feather tree.
Notice the banana stone fruit.
My friend Earlene over at 
Primitive Passion Decorating Blog
gifted me two of these beauties.
Thank you again Earlene. Love them!

This chair was in our spare room.
We moved in our pine dresser in there now.

Prim winder on the floor.

An early Santa watching over all.

The bonnets and stocking were hung with care....

On the side of the closet Bob made. 

Coverlets hung up.
A new bucket bench we found this Fall.
It is a perfect small beauty.

I so love all of the colors coverlets come in.

The one on the right has all of the colors our rug has.

Moved our make do candle in here.

I purchased this horse at the Breckenridge Show.

This brown cabinet also came in from the spare room.

A little bit of cheer I created a few years ago.

Another early Santa hitching a ride.
His reindeer were on strike. LOL

The sampler is the entire 
Lord's Prayer.
It was stitched in 1942.
Although not really old, I still love it.

In fact I do mix in newer items into my decor.
This is a lighted sugared fruit tree.

I also like mixing in my homespun items.
I crocheted this garland,
 using 1 skein each of tan and red yarn.
We do not have a headboard to our bed...
so thinking outside of the box;
we placed our quilt rack in the back.
Sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

I originally planned on placing this garland on the rack
in front of the coverlets, but changed my mind
after the bed was up.

The bedding is new from Country Curtains.
It is a quilted tan ensemble.
Added our red flannel sheets underneath
for the season.

The bed skirt is also from Country Curtains.
It is blue tick fabric.
The blue red check blanket at the foot of our bed,
is an early Linsey Woolsey one...with many holes in it.

Once again we moved our dry sink from the back room,
into the bedroom.
The next project is re-painting our back room.
After the holidays though.

My final bedroom pic is Santa's long johns.
Santa is watching over us...
but I promise Santa; 
both Bob and I have been very good this year.

Hope you enjoyed our new bedroom look.
Bob thinks the room is bigger, but it is still the same size.

Hope this gives you some ideas you can use
in your own decor.

The curtains will have to also wait until after the holidays.
The fabric has been purchased..just don't have time
to sew them up right now.

Master Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. Oh my gosh, it is gorgeous! I love everything about it, especially the horse!! I can't believe you did all this!!! Tell me, how did you do the closet wall? It is all custom carpentry? I have a two side by side closets with sliding doors, and I would absolutely love something like this!

    1. Hi Melinda, The closet wall was done in cedar 1" by 5" tongue and groove.

  2. Looks great, Janice. How wonderful it is done before the holidays.
    Merry, merry 🎄🎄🎄

  3. Hi Janice,
    Oh my goodness!!!! WONDERFUL!!!! You two did an A-MAZ-ING JOB!! Love your unique headboard with that garland and the new closet built-in is perfect!! Love it all!!! What a great Christmas present to each other!!! So many great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful project!!
    Merry, Merry Hugs~

  4. Hi Janice! Wow - I can see why Bob loves the room so much. It is wonderful. I don't even know where to start, as I pretty much love it ALL! But my favorite has to be hanging the coverlets. What a great idea - it adds such a charm to the room. Enjoy your beautiful space, you did a fantastic job. Jane

  5. Wow, WONDERUL!!! What a transformation!!!!!!! Bob did an outstanding job and your decorating eye finished up the space to perfection. I love the paint color and how you used your antiques to create a beautiful but functional space as well. Enjoy your new bedroom and thank you for sharing all of your ideas!! I love everything about this new space!!

  6. Beautiful bedroom Janice, very cozy and love the Christmas decorating.Blessings Francine.

  7. Great redo sweet friends!!!!!!
    ~~~Merry Christmas~~~


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