Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rusty The Snowman Giveaway

Happy Thursday to all!
Tis the season of giving and I would like to
give one of my blogging friends the chance
to win one of my snowman.

With the impending snow we are about to receive tonight,
I felt it was quite fitting to giveaway this frosty fellow.

On his pants is a rusty snowflake,
which gave me his name.

He is a primtastic snowy half pint,
who wishes to find a new family for Christmas.

Before I tell you how you can win this special chap.
I want to give you an update on our bedroom redo.

Paint is on. Colonial blue on three walls.
Off white on the closet wall. This is Bob's closet.
He did not paint the inside yet when I took this picture.
It will be the same off white.

This was Bob's closet that he built, with the drawers.
Remember those ugly knobs.

This is the after picture with new knobs on the drawers
 and doors hung above.
We have doors for both main closets...but not hung yet.
Much better so far don't you think?

He is now literally as I type this post
laying the wood floor. 
Cannot wait! 
I am like a kid on Christmas Eve right now,
waiting for Santa to come!

So hears the deal friends.
If you would like a chance to win my snowman,
2 things I would like in return.
Since I love and greatly appreciate 
reading your wonderful comments...
just comment to this post only that
 1. You would like to be entered into the drawing.
2. Also comment on Rusty or our bedroom redo...
or even both.  

If you do not want to be entered into the drawing,
I still love reading your comments...
just don't mention you want the snowman.


Look forward to hearing from you!
Oh yeah, the drawing to be held on Sunday sometime.
Unfortunately I have another funeral on Saturday,
so will not be home. This makes my 3rd on in two weeks.
So sad..especially at this time of year.
For those that don't know,  we buried my own father
on a snowy Christmas Eve morning in 1993. 
It still hurts..especially when I see a red poinsettia.
They were his favorite.

Enough of the sad stuff.
Good luck to all!!!

Rusty The Snowman Blessings To All!


  1. I love rusty......he is so prim and your bedroom redo is looking awesome.....thank you for sharing.......blessing to you as yes funerals are sad flat out, but this time of year it's a bit worse......


  2. I love your colors are you going to make the linens white also or do you have another plan? I am so sorry about all the sadness for you this season.
    Please please put me in for that sweet giveaway I love his sweet face.

  3. Janice, the redo is really coming along. Love the new knobs on drawers and cant wait to see the finished product. You have a knack for putting things together. Rusty is so cute,as are all your creations,he would have a good home with me. Sorry about all the sadness so far this season.

  4. I love Rusty! Your project is coming along great,love the knobs. Can't wait to see the finished project. Enjoy the snow, whenever it snows, I like to bake. Hugs, Lecia

  5. Rusty is so cute with his little blue pants!
    Love the room colors and changes that you have made.
    thanks for sharing.
    Would love to give Rusty a good home!
    thank you!

  6. Your little prim Rusty is just too cute and festive! Thank-you for the opportunity to win him too.

    Your bedroom renovations are looking exciting. The colonial blue paint is very pretty and I can't wait to see this big project completed. It is going to be awesome and worth all the time and energy! Enjoy the snow for me down here in Florida!!

  7. I love the closet, wonderful job on those drawers. I would love to be entered in the drawing. I decorate for winter with snowmen!

  8. Sorry we missed you Wenesday Janice!!! I hope Bob gave you the stone fruit I brought in for you. Haven't heard from you so thought maybe he forgot. Marine City, the river was beautiful and we had a nice sunny day to visit. Loved the popcorn shop.

  9. Evening Janice, love sweet rusty, prim perfect snowman and the closet is wonderful, great work...blessings Francine.

  10. Hello Janice! What a handsome fellow your snowman is! I'd love a chance to win him. What fun home renos are...we are just finishing up a major one in our home...just moldings and a few other extras to get done. Hubby is building an entertainment center for us too.

  11. Of course I would love Rusty and a chance to win him. I like the paint and the closet too. As for funerals I am so sorry at anytime but especially when Christmas is near. Blessings to all, be safe in our big snow that is coming.


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