Monday, December 19, 2016

A Festive Bedroom

Happy Monday all!
Our family Christmas yesterday was a success.
Hooray, Yipee.
My 9 year old granddaughter Mikayla made
chocolate chip cookies for everyone.
I have to admit they were yummy!
Since Michele broke her leg,
the kids have stepped it up to help her out.
They take turns cooking and washing clothes.
Now if we could get them to clean their messy rooms.

The food must have been good...because there 
was only a bit of ham and cheesy potatoes left.
It was fun catching up with everyone...
but I was pooped when they all left.
My mom spent the night and we both got
into our pj's and watched Hallmark Channel
Christmas movies.
Bob did his own thing in the other room. 

I usually have a forest of trees in our house
(according to Bob)
but with our bedroom redo, only the living room
and part of the kitchen was decked out this year.
After I did a bit in the master bedroom,
Saturday afternoon I decided 
to try and create some festive cheer
 in the other bedroom.

I had these wood spools, so I wrapped them in
red & white ribbon for a bit of cheer.
(Pinterest to the rescue)

I put this together really quick.

With my shoes.

Also wrapped some linen I had with the same ribbon,
and tucked in a bit of holly.

Added  a shoe form.

Finally put together this simple arrangement,
using more holly, one poinsettia 
with a fabric heart I had made.

I had wanted to frame this song sheet...
but oh well
 Plan B 
just put it in the buttocks basket.

No forest in here Bob...maybe next year though. ;-)

Glad I was able to give my mom some Christmas cheer
in the bedroom she stayed in.

This was also the first year where we did not put
up our lights outside.

Pinterest has been my friend lately.
If you would like to look at my boards and pins,
I am incognito under Bob's name.
Just look up 
Robert Ahee on Pinterest 
and it will come up.
You can follow me there if you like.

Is Pinterest your friend?
Do you have a Pinterest Board?

Festive Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. Sounds like a fun gathering. your decorations are lovely.
    I have been on pintrest lately but not usually.

  2. So glad to hear that the family gathering was fun and delicious!! Your bedroom decorations are sweet and simple which makes them all the more perfect. I do a bit of Pinterest but not too much. I find that it catches my interest and pretty soon, hours of time has been spent just searching out interests. That time spent makes me feel guilty so I try and do other things in my free time. LOL!!

  3. Hi Janice,
    So happy you were able to spend Christmas together! Chocolate Chip are our favorite cookies!! Your decorating is lovely and Pinterest has so many great ideas!! I also have an account and you can find it on my sidebar on my blog or under my name, Julie Zakrzewski- My Primitive Heart! So much inspiration there that you can spend hours looking and dreaming!!
    Christmas Hugs~

  4. I just wanted to say Thanks for the Rusty snowman. I received him yesterday. He is so adorable. Thank You so much for sharing your talent with others and going to all the trouble of doing a giveaway. I will cherish Rusty.

  5. Janice, it's so nice to read that you had a nice dinner with your family. Cuddled up watching movies with your mom sounds so sweet!


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