Friday, December 16, 2016

My Red Mitten Story

Good evening dear friends.
Loving all of the Christmas tours out there.
You all are 

Tonight I would like to share with you my mitten story.

My aunt recently knitted me three
 adorable little mittens.
She did an awesome job being 80 years young herself.
I just love them!!! 

I have always been partial to red mittens.

Growing up I had a many pairs of my very own red mittens.
I wore them when we would go into the woods at Gramma B's
looking for our perfect Christmas tree.

I had snowball fights with my cousins wearing
my red mittens.
I made snowmen and snow forts in them.

I wore them to church at Christmas and afterwards,
went sledding down the hill at gramma H's.

I was wearing them when my dad got stuck in the snow
one snowy evening on our way to Gramma H's farmhouse.
My red mittens and I carried our dog through the snow
to gramma's, while my dad carried my sister,
and my mom carried by brother.

I wore my red mittens while riding my pony "Star"
at Gramma B's farmhouse in the Winter.
I wore them traipsing to school and back home
each Winter day.
(Yes, I had to walk to school)

This time of season I am always reminded of my red mittens.
Each year, my mom would get me a new pair.
Either I wore them out, or out grew them...
but cherished each pair I wore.
Now as I sit here,
the picture above is what I currently see,
while writing to you about my own mittens.

Do you have a fond memory of the season?

Because of the snow of the century coming now.
(my sister called it that)
We postponed our family Christmas until Sunday.
My daughter and grands will now be here.
I am so blessed.

Red Mitten Blessings To All!


  1. Such a sweet story and memory to treasure, Janice! I didn't have red mittens as a child, but I purchased a pair of hand knit, red mittens at the Salvation Army about four years ago. You could tell, they were lovingly made by a beginner knitter. I have them out on one of the beds in the guest bedroom. They are really special!! Have fun celebrating Christmas!! It's only snowing very lightly here..

  2. Oh what a wonderful memory along with the sweet red mittens Janice. Stay warm and safe,Blessings Francine.

  3. Such a sweet story and wonderful memories

  4. Janice, this is the sweetest Christmas story!! Such beautiful memories of your childhood all wrapped up into pairs of red mittens. I love that your Grandma was able to knit you this wonderful memory to keep in your home as an heirloom to be passed down. It looks darling with all of your other prim decor and carries so much love!! Thank-you for sharing. Have a wonderful family gathering on Sunday and I hope the snow doesn't make for slippery driving.

  5. Sweet photos Janice....and sweet memories. I remember the story of the "stuck in the snowstorm".... I still can't imagine LOL. Well, keep your red mittens handy...looks like it's going to be a winter and a half for us "northerners".... We got dumped with about 9" of snow the past 24 hours....just waiting now for the temps to drop even more and the winds to kick in. Grrrrr.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hi Janice,
    Such a sweet memory for you to share!! I love red mittens too, and they are so perfect for the holidays!!! Your new ones are so special and look perfect where you hung them!!
    Christmas Hugs~


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