Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tutorial Part Deaux

Are you ready for the next part.
Hopefully no one was holding their breath on this one. <smile>
Here goes the next part.

Place your candy piece in the middle of your wrapper.
If you are using ticking or another fabric other than muslin,
make sure you have the wrong side up.
Fold one side over tightly.

Then fold the other side over.

Next take one side like so and twist fabric 180 degrees (half a rotation)
(Now I am a leftie, so you might have to reverse this process)
Thread your needle using three strands of white embroidery floss.
Insert needle through fabric.
Once the needle is through the fabric,
hold the end on top part of the candy piece with your thumb.
(at the bottom of this pic you can see the tip of my thumb)
***the floss is directly above***
Wrap floss around the twist three full times.
Make sure you wrap the floss as close to your candy piece as you can.
Tie the two ends together with double or triple knot
and cut as close to candy piece that you can.
Stay tuned for the rest of the story....
oops, I mean Tutorial.
Candy Blessings to All,


  1. Hi Janice, you little tease, love it, I`ll be waiting....Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi Janice,
    I love Autumn so much, your craft is so cute! I have been without a computer for a week and am glad to be back and catching up with my favorite blogs! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm lovin' this! I can just see a big bowl of all kinds of fabric candies. Now don't leave us hangin'! ~*~Lisa

  4. so cute.
    step three...


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