Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Montage- Whatcha Working on Now

Too little time
Too many ideas floating in my noggin. LOL
Here is what I have been up to this past week.
Goodies for the store.
The grands don't know what to make of the house lately.
Pumpkins and Witches next to Snowmen and Gingers.
Then there is the boxwoods with cornstalks.
My home is certainly entertaining this time of year!
Prim Snowmen
More prim candy...
this time in Christmas colors and fabric.
Finished this Santa.
The stocking was from one of my old sweaters.
All about re-purposing. 
Still working on this piece.
This prim angel has an okra cranberry garland.
This one has a dried cranberry and orange garland.
She is my fav...smells wonderful!
I have a few more to show off...
saving for a rainy day..
Actually they are talking rain the rest of the week here
and snow showers Saturday night.
Yuk that bad four letter word is coming back. LOL
Cranberry Orange Blessings to All


  1. Hello Janice....MMMMMM...your post smells so yummy...LOL!!!! Wonderful prim goodies you have been crafting....sweet Angel...Yummy Blessings Francine.

  2. Boy you've been busy Janice ~ So many wonderful creations!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Love EVERYTHING Janice! You have such a creative spirit. Your grands will have such wonderful memories of all of your magical holiday creations, even if they crossed over once in a while! LOL! ~*~Lisa

  4. Sure not ready for SNOW yet! Today was beautiful - even though I was inside sewing most of the day. Cute new goodies for your shop. I've been doing Christmas too, but it's hard to get my head around it already!

  5. Oh Janice what a talented friend you are.
    I love those angels.
    SNOW! I love snow..Send some my way please

  6. You certainly have been busy!
    Loving your new creations.
    Santa is Sweet!


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