Saturday, October 6, 2012

Critters Everywhere

I have them all over...
Guess they like our house. LOL
Ace seems to like his bed turned upside down.
Peeps took over the bed.
I just added the flannel sheets and
 went to put the clothes in the dryer and he took
over before I could finish making the bed. LOL
I did not have the heart to move him to finish the bed.
More critters I am working on.
Then we had a critter in our backyard.
It is hard to see, but if you look towards the right
of one of the old white garage panels,
we have our self an opossum.
Here he is again scooting across our wooden fence.
(I think you can click on pic to enlarge)
This is just a baby...they get much larger.
But usually do not come out during the day.
Well this morning
Bob and I went on a mission
to find ourselves a farm table. 
We went through 4 counties searching today
for one...we found one in an antique store
that we were willing to pay top dollar for...
Go figure... it was not for sale.
The vendor said she (might) sell it later on.
Later on???
Why would someone who is in the business
not sell something that they have in their booth?
Everything on the floor in our store is for sale.
Oh well...she lost a sale.
We will not be back later on.
Critter Blessings to all!



  1. Love the kitty pictures! Bummer on the farm table. You'll come across another one, one of these times!

  2. Cute kitty Jancie. Too bad you didn't find your table. But the search for something is always fun. Can't wait for it to get cool enough here for flannel sheets.

  3. Hello Janice, what!!!!! kinda crazy if ya ask me, to bad she lost a sale. Love your sweet kitties, so pretty. I have the flannel sheets on already to, ahhhhh,cozy. It`s our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, time for family, food and fun, got the fat pants already, tee hee. Enjoy your weekend my friend, Blessings Francine.

  4. Your kitties are precious Janice! Can't wait to see the fabric ones too. Poor lil opossum must have been lost. Bummer on the table. The one that was meant to be yours is waiting for you out there! ~*~Lisa

  5. Love your critters, Janice...'cept for maybe the opossum...those things can get nasty! Ha! on the the farm table...I've been looking for the past three years and haven't found one yet...for sale or not! (Looking for a specific size....has to be as big as I can have it, but small enough for our little nook...) Sigh. Wishing you (and me) lots of luck....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Flannel sheets? My oh my please send some of that cool weather down here in GA! It was near 85 yesterday! Ugh.. I want fall weather so bad! Love you kitties. They look so cozy. Have fun searching for your table!

  7. What cuties.
    Who can pass up flannel sheets?
    Lovin your new kitties in progress.
    Hope you find the perfect table soon.


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