Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It Was A Good Morning

The one thing I hate about Autumn is
driving to work in the dark.
Also this time of year the deer are running
which makes things more difficult...
not to mention its real hard to get up and get going.
Unless of course I see a freighter in the river all lit up
or hear one of my favorite songs on the radio.
   Yesterday not only did I see a freighter lit up,
but heard four of my favorite songs in a row. 
It was a good morning indeed!
Here are a few more goodies I made last week.
Ginger Cookies.
Yummy enough to almost eat don't you think?
Then I decided to make some sprinkled Christmas Tree cookies.
The sprinkles are glass beads.
Ace was not impressed, so hopefully you all are. ~smile~
Working on more...
so stay tuned!
Cookie Blessings to All


  1. Love your new creations! So nicely down.
    Have a great week.
    Blessings ~Sara

  2. Evening me some sweet....Sure is dark in the!!!!!..Be careful out there my friend, Blessings Francine

  3. Hi Janice, Love the cookies. My favorite is the Christmas Tree. That icing looks just "licking" yummy. Neat idea. Glad you have had a good week thus far.

  4. Hi Janice

    Love days like that!!
    And love your cat too!

  5. Can always count on you for awesome inspirational WIP pics Janice! Love your tree cookie! Unique! Gotta love the ginger too. When you see a deer hop across the road, there is ALWAYS one or two behind him, so be on the lookout for them to follow within seconds! Daylight savings on its way soon! ~*~Lisa

  6. I love those new creations. Especially love the frosted tree! So cute!

  7. Wonderful.
    Love that prim ginger!
    And that tree!
    Great job. I love the icing look on the tree.
    Is that icing paint, mod podge, something else.
    I can't get over how realistic it looks.

  8. I also drive to work in the dark and am always watching for deer. Don't like it either. I hit a deer once,and I don't want to do it again. Ace might not be impressed but I am, love your cookies!

  9. You did an AWESOME job. They both look like you could eat them! LOVE them.
    I hope you have another wonderful ride to work and you hear 4 more of your favorite songs in a row!!!
    Fall Blessings,

  10. Oh Happy Day
    I love that GINGER!

  11. Love your new creations!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I love the ginger cookie!! I have a cat that looks a lot like your cat, my cat has a little more black.


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