Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whats All Jumbled Up

In my spare time...
which is not a lot I am afraid lately.

I create things.
Sometimes however I tend to start on one thing,
and then go on to something else.
While forgetting to finish the thing I started to work on.

Then my mind wanders to something else.
So I start on another thing.

Well, I think you get my drift.

This is what I have started....
...Nothing finished.

Does anyone else have this 
Jumbledupcannotfinishaproject Syndrome
Like I have. LOL

More to come on this disease.
Hopefully I will be able to find the cure.
Or at least find a pill that will subdue my urges
to start another project...
But I doubt it.  :o)

Please tell me there are more of you out there with this same disease?

Oh and by the way,
Thank you all for assisting me with my blog problem.
I thought that I needed to save the pic before
adding it to a gadgetry thingamajig...
but one never knows.
So a big THANK YOU for everyone who helped me out.
It was greatly appreciated.
Now I have to wait til Saturday at the store to actually try it,
cause this archaic dinosaur of a home computer
will just freeze up more than it the temp is currently outside.

New Years Blessings to each and everyone one of you.


  1. My name is Lisa and I have Jumbledupcannotfinishaproject Syndrome. My symptoms are exactly as you described, Janice! So good to know we do not suffer alone - LOL! Those hearts are so cute! Happy New Year ~*~Lisa

  2. Don't feel bad Janice, I have a huge rabbit on my craft table in a basket that is so close to being finished. Probably wouldn't take a couple of hours at the most and it has kept me company thru two Easter seasons. Who knows maybe this year he will come out of the craft room and make it downstairs. I seem to get bored working on a large project. I also have a set of old people finished, all they need are their clothes. The clothes are cut out just not sewed. I was so excited to get the pattern and get started but what happened... well that's my story. I love doing things I can complete with my finger sewing,,,, not anything unfinished,, its just the bigger items. So when you find a cure, let me know,, you are not alone my friend. I saved the info on how to post on the sidebar also. I don't know how either. Will have to try it soon. Have a great Thursday and a wonderful weekend

  3. Janice good luck ...I think that disease in incureable ...and if cureable only temporarily ! lol Have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  4. No cure Janice, I have the same problem. I start one thing and then something else looks really good to try, and before you know it I have a basket full of half done items. I am looking at rabbits I started last spring, I tend to look at it this way, it just gives me a head start this spring. We want even talk about the box of unfinished snowmen and santa's. LOL Take care, happy crafting. Vicky

  5. Sorry Janice there is no cure. I have projects all over the place ~ in the garage, in the kitchen, all over the dining room table, in the living room and we won't even talk about the craft room!!!
    Not feeling so alone ~ Happy Crafting!!!
    Prim Blessings

  6. I am so not a crafter! However I have about 3 projects started I "thought" I would try. Oh well, I knew I was waiting on something and it is your "cure". Please advise me when you find it.

  7. Someone recently asked me what the best thing I ever made was and I said "the next project". Always fun to start something new! ~Roberta

  8. I think we all have this syndrome! Yours are farther along than mine. My ideas and projects stay in my head for one of those days I have time ( which doesn't seem to happen)!


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